If you have started a new business and looking to establish your brand in the market, you must be prepared to face some challenges. You even need to go all out in search of suitable office space within budget to let your ideas flourish. In short, you require a professional studio space to work, organise meetings, conduct routine tasks and more.

However, the increasing costs of building rentals – despite the government’s financial support to upcoming startups – are slowing down startups from establishing their personal office space. If you are a startup owner or manager seeking an affordable studio space for work, you need to follow the given tips to set up a wonderful workplace.

1. Rent out a Small Space

If you cannot afford to rent a building, you can try to set up your work studio in someone else’s rental property. For establishing a cyclorama studio or any other workspace, you can consider renting a room with a desk in any commercial space for a low price. If you have a vast studio space, you can even consider renting the extra space to help other startups grow along with you.

2. Co-working Space

You may even consider joining a co-working area that’s not just affordable as conventional office space but also belongs to a community of some smart people who are facing similar challenges. The like-minded network of co-workers is also great for you to come with some new ideas for your small business as well.

3. Home Office Setup

In case, you have a spare basement, garage or room, you can use that extra space as a home office instead of renting one. You get full control of the things in your home office, and your regular commute is just a walk down the living room or garden area. If you have a house with a huge yard, you can even build a provisional shed, arrange for the power supply and run your office from a freestanding structure outside your home.

4. Coffee Shops

If you are short on money, you can set up your workspace in a coffee shop. Some great work ideas come to mind at such random places. Some coffee shops these days even offer extra space for people to work on their laptops for as long as they want. You can search for such cafes and start working there until you have enough money to rent or buy your own office.

5. Share with Friends

If you know someone who also requires a studio space, you can consider sharing the area with them to cut down costs substantially. You can choose a team that has a somewhat identical, if not the same, niche so that you can collaborate or help each other with ideas.

6. Work Somewhere Outside

You can even invest in an inexpensive portable desk, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a portable power bank to work almost anywhere. You can choose a public park to be your outdoor office. This way you can enjoy fresh air, remove distractions, as well as enjoy a peaceful work area without any disturbance. It is a good option for people who like to work in green surroundings.

7. Unconventional Studio Space

If you want a studio space for rent that can accommodate multiple people, you’d realize that it’s quite expensive. What if you rent a space that’s not a traditional office area? For, it is cheaper to rent a storefront or an old warehouse that you can transform into a studio area.

8. Check out Local Libraries

Libraries are not just meant for bookworms, these are also great workplaces for people who need a quiet place to work all day. They are ideal for someone who cannot afford their personal office or even a shared space. The public libraries are free to access and they don’t even charge you for computer access and provide a Wi-Fi facility too.

9. Purchase Desk

Many businesses are wanting to downsize these days. This results in vacant desks You could contact several these businesses that operate in the same industry as you and purchase desks from them additionaly you can install hidden qi wireless charger under these desk to make your space free from unnessary wires. It’s also a fantastic method to increase productivity.

10. Go Virtual

The startups can even consider virtual office services and work from a remote location without paying for an expensive physical space. All thanks to virtual offices, you may even have a postal address, as well as phone answering services, within your budget.


With out-of-the-box thinking, you can succeed in a business and even find a perfect office space for yourself. You need not pay for an expensive office or studio to be productive. With all the given ideas, you can enjoy an amazing office space without disturbing your budget.