Memorizing Quran is a great mental and physical of a person. It is a complete process to make clear your mind, heart, and entire life. That’s why Muslims all around the world read and learn Quran with the online Quran teacher’s help for memorization & also become Hafiz.

Although the infinite advantages of the Hifz Quran in this life and after this world, quite many Muslims delay going through this amazing journey. Some Muslims protests that they have no proper time for memorizing Quran in their daily busy life. And Some others realize that it is a tough mission because of its more than 6000 verses and 114 surahs.

Quran memorization is completely not a difficult mission but it is not easy too. It does not mean you devote all your time to learn or Hifz Quran. With a proper schedule and the online Quran teacher’s help, you can able to learn and memorize Quran in the proper way and at a suitable time.

To Gratify Allah Pure Intention

The most important tip for memorizing Quran is to ensure that your purpose of becoming Hafiz is to gratify Allah Almighty. Your purpose should not have related to show off in front of your colleagues, friend, family, or others. Your intention should be only to memorize the book of Allah for getting the blessing of Allah.

Early Morning Memorize Quran

Early morning is the best time to memorize Quran, approximately after Fajr’s prayer. When you perform Fajr prayer and taking your breakfast, you should spend 30 to 50 minutes memorizing the Quran. The mind is peaceful and able to absorb data at this best time of the day.

Accurately Recitation & Pronunciation Quran

For correctly memorization, you must first read the Quran correctly and also listen to a good and accurate reciter of the Quran from an online Quran teacher.  So, when you know how to recite Arabic words, you will properly learn Quran with tajweed.

Schedule for Quran Memorization

Set a schedule for complete Hifz Quran. Try your best to break it by completing Hifz Quran into yearly, monthly, weekly memorization goals. By scheduling, you will be able to make your mission easier and you will realize the achievement of this journey every day.

Reliability & Obligation

Be reliable and oblige to your memorization schedule, it is your duty that you do not skip the one day if you have an emergency. If you will skip a day due to some urgent work, complete it on the other day or spending a long time in one day memorizing Quran. When you memorize more regularly, it becomes easier for you.

Repeat Again & Again

When you start Quran memorize the Quran, you must recite and repeat the last lesson that you memorized earlier. At the last of the week, recite and repeat all parts that you have memorized in the whole week. Do the same procedure of memorization at the last of the month and so on. It will make perfect your Quran memorization and never you will forget it.

Recite in Your Salah (Prayer)

To exercise further for Quran memorization, recite and repeat every verse in your five-time prayers on daily basis. If you feel that you forget any verse of the Quran, then go to your online Quran teacher to remember the verse properly.

Know The Importance of Quranic Verses

If you do have not proper knowledge about Quranic verses, you can’t memorize the Quran well. It is very essential to recognize the meaning of the Quran verses and know-how these verses are linked to each other. Then you will read the verses tafsir for memorizing Quran. You will also remember their meanings during reciting them.

Take a Distraction-Free Atmosphere

When your mind will be peaceful and clear, you will select an isolated place that is free from all little thoughts or distractions including your cellphone, laptop, and all other devices. It will increase your focus and you will better your Quran memorization.

Memorize Quran with Professional Online Quran Teacher

To make perfect Quran memorizing and also make it easier & faster, you should get help from an expert professional Quran teacher. The tutor will help you step-by-step for this beautiful journey till you will become a complete Hafiz/Hafiza of the Quran.

Benefits of Memorizing Quran:

Hafiz/Hafiza succeeds them to be professionals in the lessons of Islam and to accurately implement them. Every Muslim admires whoever grips this place since we are thankful to know and learn the Quran.

  1. It will be declared between angels.
  2. You get a great deal of holy awareness that will fill your heart with many spiritual phases.
  3. You have to know all the answers. Quran is a complete book on earth. In Quran, no question is unanswered.
  4. From Allah, you will get unlimited rewards for every word you learn and memorize.
  5. You will learn Islam from its heritages and then try your best to spread its entire world.
  6. It will frequently clean and filter your heart, and also make your health good and strong.
  7. It attaches you to Allah in a good and better way.
  8. Quran will derive as an intermediary on the last day to request Allah for the forgiveness of our sins.

Conclusion For Quran Teacher:

Memorizing the Quran is a challenging task but one that has been made informal upon us by Allah! Individuals who have assumed this journey have recognized and advised the ways to make this task informal. Parents who raise the spirits of their children to memorize the Quran acquire huge blessings from Allah.

When your child will be memorizing the Quran, they will get more benefit for their parents, for the entire Islamic population, and especially for you. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also defined parents are the guardians that highlight their role for build their children and ensure that they are raised on the right way in the world and hereafter. May Allah bless us and our generation. Ameen!