Hiring the right professionals can be the first step to a successful project. This also applies to the foundation repair company you are planning to hire, as these decisions are directly proportional to your peace of mind and the value of your home. We already understand that your home’s foundation is the most vital structure, and it takes the knowledge of expert professionals to get the job done right the first time. And when you are around the area, finding a trusted foundation repair company in Houston can be backed up by specific questions. This article will discuss 10 questions that you can ask your foundation repair company before you hire them to ensure a foundation repair job is done smoothly and efficiently.

10 Questions That Should Be Asked To Your Foundation Repair Company Before Hiring Them:

  1. Is the business insured? 

A reputable foundation repair company will always have adequate workers and general liability insurance. Any contractor who says “no” to this inquiry should be avoided. If the response comes back “no,” you and your insurance carrier may be held responsible if something goes wrong while they are on your property. Otherwise, you may be held liable if the house gets damaged due to your negligence.

  1. How long will the process take to complete? 

The scale of the project dictates the time of a lift or stabilization. In most cases, a reputable foundation repair company can complete the job in three days or less. Once the job is completed efficiently, the strong results will last for decades.

  1. On each crew how many members will be there?

Numerous foundation repair companies operate with a two- or three-person crew for each assignment. This could result in significant delays in the project’s completion. Professional and trustworthy organizations employ crews of six to seven individuals to perform jobs efficiently and quickly. The formula is straightforward: the less money lost in downtime, the sooner they complete the project.

  1. What is the type of soil on my property?

The soil on your property dictates the sort of foundation repair required. It is believed that each foundation project requires its own set of repair plans. There are over 60 distinct soil types, and each foundation repair project is different. The foundation company’s professionals will assess which form of stabilization is ideal for your soil and foundation based on your location. The soil around your property will influence how your contractor does foundation repair. You should avoid any company that does not consider this an important issue.

  1. Is the company accredited to the Better Business Bureau? 

Membership in the Better Business Bureau is a significant indicator of a company’s trustworthiness and efficiency. For decades, AAA Foundation Service has been a BBB-accredited business, maintaining an A+ rating every year. A company’s Better Business Bureau rating indicates how it treats its clients when an issue develops. It also indicates that the company has worked on several successful commercial and residential projects.

  1. How long have they been in the business? 

When your family’s home is on the line, it’s always best to deal with a reputable firm. Many businesses will brag about how long they have been doing foundation repairs. Make sure there haven’t been any name changes since many businesses do this to avoid paying out on warranties for earlier work. Since the beginning, AAA Foundation Service has been repairing foundations for over 60 years and has proudly stood behind their warranty of good work.

  1. What does plumbing have to do with the job? 

When you fix a foundation, there’s a 35 percent possibility that a plumbing leak may occur. After completing the repairs, your contractor should provide you with the option of having a test performed by a third-party plumber. However, you can also call your plumber to conduct the tests.

  1. What about post-clean-up? 

Some companies may leave a mess on your property after working on your foundation, or they may charge you extra to restore the landscape to its prior state. The procedure of a reputable foundation repair company will be to remove any excess soil and restore your property to its original state.

  1. Is there any warranty? 

A reputable foundation repair company will provide a lifetime transferable warranty on all its jobs, including adjustments.

  1. What is the possible damage to irrigation or other lines? 

A reputed foundation repair company will strive hard to avoid irrigation lines. It will do everything necessary to ensure that your foundation is repaired without problems. However, unanticipated challenges sometimes develop throughout the process. Make sure you are working with a straightforward company about these issues.