The Android OS has an 85% market share worldwide, and more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to take advantage of Android app development tailored to their business needs. Google Play offers over 3 million apps, many with business-friendly features and enhanced security to help your business thrive. Many Android app developers are thriving in India, and there are several reasons why your business needs  Android apps.

Whether we are waiting at the bus stop, going in or out of work, watching TV, we check our smartphone starting from the delivery app, fitness app, video app, communications, messages, notifications, alarms and more. All of these scenarios are a great opportunity to build a customer base by delivering notifications over people’s phone calls. Here’s 10 reasons to develop Android app for your business:

  • Higher Return on Investment 

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android developers is available as an open source development platform. This contributes to the economics of developing apps for the Android operating system. When designing and developing an app, it can be broadly divided into three phases:  app design and development problem solving, pre-release app testing, and post-release deployment. 

Building an Android app is not a particularly expensive task. In addition, developers can easily apply Google’s Material Design principles to their mobile apps, providing a seamless experience for customers around the world. In short, Android apps are less expensive and that is why they have a higher rate of return on investment.

  • Suitable for BYOD 

The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobile operating is attracting attention as a  business trend due to improved communication over long distances. The success of Android-based enterprise applications has made them so popular that many companies are looking at approaches to optimizing employee use of BYOD devices. You can find the device running on Android.

  • Easy to Customize 

Android is a versatile platform that offers customization and convenience. This easy-to-use operating system can be customized to your individual needs, from simple customizations to more complex changes. Android can effectively meet all your business needs while providing an innovative experience.

  • Easy Marketing and Security 

Google’s latest operating system updates, including Lollipop, have many business-friendly features to protect you from data theft and intruders. You can send regular notifications to  users through the integrated system to promote popular Android apps on the market. It combines the benefits of both security and advertising for you.

  • Wearable Technology for Android Apps 

Nowadays, wearable technology is an essential part of corporate culture. Wearables are used as a new form of communication where Android apps manage messages, calls, notifications, etc. on smartwatches.

  • Google Everything 

The Android App Store has many apps that are very useful for your business. One of the biggest benefits is its tight integration with Google services that are only available on Android.

  • TTM has been Shortened (time to market) 

It is important to deliver a professional application as soon as possible to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Android app development tools can help facilitate faster development and easily integrate desired features when building apps for your business. Experienced Android developers can create an app for your business in record time.

  • Innovative Potential 

A striking strength of the Android platform is its global reach. If you want to target a specific audience with special features. Android app developers can help with advanced tools and new technologies. By integrating the latest technologies such as AR and VR, you can access high-end app solutions  at an affordable price.

  • Promotes Brand loyalty 

Promoting brand loyalty between consumers and customers is a concern for businesses. As the world has become digital, digital discount coupons have become an essential tool for ensuring loyalty programs.

The mobile app informs the administrator  of the user’s interest in a particular product or offer. This helps the board plan personalized brand loyalty programs and offers to users.

  • Custom ROM Installation

Installing custom ROMs on Android devices gives businesses and developers more creative control over how their apps run. Most versions are free to download. This means that companies  using them can develop apps quickly and cheaply. Get more information from a trusted software development company that develops apps for the Android platform.


There are many reasons to choose Android, and each has some significant advantages. The best decision to use the platform is  through collaboration between different departments, people, and stakeholders. Android is often the right choice for start-ups and start-ups, but it can fully support large companies and their global app-building goals.