Almost everyone has seen truffles being devoured. It can either be in a season or a high-end grocery store. There are two main kinds of truffles; white and black. Truffles have a rich fungal taste. In cooking, they are used subtly with truffle oil usually. It adds an extraordinary flavor to the dish.

Not many people can eat truffles. Individuals need to have an acquired taste. Not every kind of truffle is edible. Care must be practiced when buying truffles. We have created a list of interesting facts that will make you more excited about buying truffles.   

The lifelong process of growing Truffles

Most truffles take up to 20 years to mature. There is no specific timing in which truffles have to be planted and harvested. They are under the control of nature and its elements, making growing truffles much more rare and difficult.

Furthermore, truffles cannot be fed with nutrients since they attach themselves to trees. Suppose there are many truffles around trees, then it would lead to trees being deprived of essential nutrients. One of the main reasons for truffles being popular is their rarity.     

Cultivated by Animals

Humans cannot harvest truffles, considering they don’t have a strong sense of scent. In ancient times, pigs used to harvest truffles, but they used to eat truffles. Recently, they have been replaced by dogs who have much more sharp senses. They can find ripe truffles, which reduces the risk of collecting unripe ones.  

You can find truffles without animals as sometimes they eat truffles. Humans won’t do that. Suppose you see a whole, follow it, and there is a high possibility that you will find a truffle over there. It is one of the ways people in the Pacific Northwest find truffles.   

High worth

It is usually said that truffles are worth more than gold; the statement seems like an exaggeration to some people. But in reality, it’s not considering a two-pound truffle sold for over three hundred million dollars. Usually, black truffles are sold for 98 dollars per ounce and white ones for 168 dollars per ounce.

Illegal ways of acquiring truffles are common since most people don’t have the purchasing power. Most restaurants obtain them unlawfully by cultivating them on someone else’s land.     

Black and White Truffles

Either of these truffles variations is one of the most popular and delicate ones. They have a rich, nutty scent and taste. Black truffles can be used with potatoes as chips since they have a bold, summery flavor.

 Usual white truffles are comparatively less expensive, but they are equally delicious.  

Truffles and Cooking

When truffles are used in culinary, they are not the main ingredient. Usually, they are added once the dish has been made, as the main aspect of truffles is their texture and flavor. Truffle sauce pasta is delicate comfort food.

By using them as garnishes, truffles taste and aroma is enriched in the hot plate of food.  

Misconceptions regarding Truffles

One of the most common confusion regarding truffles is that they are chocolate. It is entirely untrue since it is a different product that is nothing like a truffle. They are complex, delicate, and delicious balls of chocolaty goodness.

Health Benefits

Truffles have a small number of carbohydrates. They have high fiber and protein. Individuals who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle should consider them as they add great nutrition to any cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: What is so special about a truffle?

Ans 1: The scent of truffles makes them desirable. It can be because their aroma attracts mammals towards them. A wide variety of truffles exists, but the most popular ones have a strong flavor and scent. Italian white truffle, Perigord truffle, and Tuber magnutum Pico are some examples of it.  

Q 2: Are truffles healthy?

Ans 2: Truffles have a rich nutritional profile as they are high in essential vitamins and minerals. Carbs, fiber, protein, saturated and unsaturated acid, micronutrients (Vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, and manganese. These are the nutrients present in truffles. To conclude, the addition of truffles to your diet is a significant health decision.   

Q 3: Are truffles found in the US?

Ans 3: More than a dozen truffle farms exist in the USA. California, Washington, Idaho, and North Carolina are some of the states where truffles are being cultivated. Farmers who can harvest them are in high demand.

Q 4: Can you grow black truffle?

Ans 4: Truffles are essentially fungi that prosper in cold and hot weather. A moderate temperature is needed to grow them. Weather conditions of Oregano and Washington are ideal for harvesting truffles. It should be noted that truffles require a long while to develop.