For a plastic surgery practice to be successful and to keep ahead of the competition in a market that is always expanding,effective marketing methods are essential. There are several chances for obtaining customers looking for plastic surgery through free and paid advertising strategies. However, creating a reliable, identifiable brand is necessary as the first step in boosting sales. Plastic surgery marketing has almost entirely shifted to the internet. Plastic surgeons are increasingly being sought after to improve or augment a wide range of cosmetic issues. Simultaneously, prospective patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality and trustworthiness of the surgeons they eventually choose to visit. Your prospects are conducting online research before deciding on a procedure or surgeon. Pilotpractice, a premier plastic surgery marketing agency, is always on the cutting edge of web design trends. Our web designs are customer-centric and easy to navigate, with a primary focus on improving user experience and conversions.

We’ll go over some plastic surgery marketing strategies that will help you stay ahead of the competition and increase your share of new patient acquisitions in this post.


Creating a brand is the first step in effective plastic surgeon marketing. There are two major components to this: brand messaging and brand visuals.

Remember that you want to create an image of your practice that is easily recognizable and memorable when developing your brand. Patients frequently do not choose a plastic surgeon after learning about them. Over time, brand visuals and messages that are repeated build familiarity and trust. PilotPractice has created hundreds of well-known plastic surgery brands. Even if you have no experience with branding, Pilotpractice can help you get up and running. Our experts are standing by to assist you.

2. Identify High-Value Potential Clients

Prospective patients who are mature and affluent enough to invest time, money, and effort in receiving your services are your ideal candidates. Facebook is the best platform for targeting them. Facebook’s targeting options extend beyond demographics. Annual income level, relationship status, dating interests, shopping behaviors, beauty, and related product interests, activities, and purchases are just a few of the many other options available to you. Not only Facebook, but Google Ads also allows you to target potential users based on various criteria, including their income level.

3. Improve Relationship with Dissatisfied Patients

Communication with the patient is essential for long-term relationships in cases where it is mostly wrong expectations that cause unhappiness. By text or phone, offer a free appointment. Educate them on the procedure that is being used, and show them some previous results to help them understand the reality. An even better option is to inform them of the exact results ahead of time, to avoid any misguided expectations. How? Continue reading for the next strategy. 

4. Provide a free ‘Photoshop consultation

Because of their fear of a botched surgery, many potential clients back out even after a consultation. The best way to alleviate their anxiety is to show them what they will look like after the surgery. This completely eliminates the possibility of a situation being caused by incorrect expectations. It’s as simple as taking a picture of the to-be-altered body part and manipulating it on a computer in front of your patient’s eyes with technologies like Adobe Photoshop. Being able to see the results visually will put them in a completely different mindset, and they will feel more confident about undergoing the surgery.

5. Create an Effective Plastic Surgery Website

Potential patients will search online and eventually land on your website to learn more about you, no matter where they hear about you. It is critical that your website is persuasive enough to compel visitors to take action. It should be visually and structurally clear and logical, and it should convey your value proposition. Before and after photos, patient testimonials, and any mentions of individual awards and certifications should also be prominently displayed on your plastic surgery marketing website. Contact Pilot Practice for the best marketing agency for plastic surgeons.

6. Influence Google Search Results

One of your main objectives should be to appear on the first page of search results when people in your area search for your services online. Searches such as “best plastic surgeon near me,” “top nose job specialist in [your city name],” and so on, generally indicate high purchasing intent, making traffic for these extremely valuable. Local search optimization (SEO) strategies such as local directory listings of your site, maintaining NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency, adding location pages to your site, creating local content, online reviews, local link building, social media community management, and so on can help you rank for those keywords easily.

7. Utilize Paid Searches for Immediate Ranking

Local search organic ranking methods, as described above, are an excellent way to reap long-term benefits; however, you cannot always rely on organic methods to produce results. This is where Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service comes into play. PPC is a method of placing ads for relevant and high intent local search terms by bidding on Google Ads’ auction system. Your budget and ad placement will be determined by the competition. You have complete control over your site’s local search ranking with PPC.

8. Use Content to Establish Your Authority

If your website is the vehicle, content is the wheels that allow it to reach its intended audience. Publishing relevant, educational, and engaging branded content is an excellent way to boost your site’s chances of ranking for keywords in search results. It also aids in the development of your brand as a plastic/cosmetic surgery expert. Make a blog page for your website and post useful and relevant content like blog posts, case summaries, infographics, and videos. In your blog posts, always try to include relevant keywords. Try increasing your exposure through content outreach opportunities and distributing your content across multiple social media platforms.

9. Bookmark Your Website Remarketing to Visitors

Prospective plastic surgery patients do not usually convert on their first visit to your website. They may have forgotten about you by the time they are ready, after considering other options. With Remarketing, you can stay at the forefront of their minds throughout their entire research process. When they visit your website, a cookie or pixel (a piece of code) is stored on their system via their browser, allowing you to display ads (including Facebook ads) on any site they access from the same browser for a set period of time.

10. Take Charge of Your Reviews and Reputation

Reviews are very important in the decision-making process of your prospective patients. That is why you must collect as many reviews as possible. If your service is excellent, you will receive mostly positive feedback, which will help your reputation. However, because no one is perfect, you may receive a few negative reviews, which can have a negative impact on your online reputation. Using an online reputation management (ORM) solution can help you manage all aspects of online reviews, including collecting them, directing them to review sites, responding to them, and even analyzing them to learn more about your service and the overall patient experience.

11. Make Your Rave Reviews Public

Patients trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations, so why not broaden their reach to include as many patients as possible? Choose a few of the glowing reviews and use them as testimonial quotes on your website. Relevant quotes can also be used in marketing campaigns for specific procedures. Furthermore, you should create a testimonial page on your website and regularly update it with positive reviews, particularly those that mention specific benefits of your practice. Those words will be added to the weighted pages, and because Google will index the testimonial page on a regular basis, it will also help your search rankings.


Never before has there been a more favorable time to work in plastic or cosmetic surgery. The future is promising, therefore you should start today to expand your practice by putting an efficient marketing plan into place. Today, you have more chances than ever before to draw in new patients. To do this, you need to put into practise a clever and strategic marketing plan that is intended to distinguish you from the competition and develop your own brand awareness and clientele. Why digital marketing is effective is due to the fact that your prospects are changing targets today. Select PilotPractice as your top option for a best plastic surgery marketing agency USA since we specialize in helping these facilities get in and keep new patients.