Studies have proved that the presence of plants in the home brings about tranquility and productivity. It relieves stress mentally and physically. The sensation that comes with tending household plants is fulfilling. 

When it comes to air-purifying plants, there are several benefits attached to having them in your home, view more for the best air-purifying plants that soak deadly toxins and are suitable for your residence. 

15 Air-Purifying Plants For The Home 

1. Florist petals 

This is an embellishing plant that appears in different colors, making it attractive, e.g dianthus, burgundy, amber, citrus, and white. 

Florist daisy/chrysanthemum grows in summer and spring but blossoms in autumn. It filters out venoms such as xylol, phenyl, and volatile substances in surfactants and polymers. 

2. Common ivy 

English ivy is also known as ‘Hedera helix.’ It is an elegant choice for your houseplants. 

With adequate care and tending, it can survive for many years. Common ivy is an evergreen plant that comes in different hues; purple, yellow, pink, gray, and cream. They display interesting patterns depending on the weather. 

3. Bella’s palm plant 

Bella’s palm can also be called parlor palm or Chamaedorea Elegan. This air-purifying plant has long sleek green leaves. It removes toxic chemicals like trichloroethene from the environment. 

4. Butterfly palm

Butterfly palm goes by many terms; yellow palm, areca palm, golden cane palm, etc. They are outside plants that love indirect light. Also, it needs moist ground, not muggy soil. 

5. Ribbon plant 

The ribbon plant, commonly referred to as the spider plant, ripens quickly and can be hung in your workspace with a basket. They yield a pretty white bouquet and need to be moistened twice or thrice every week. 

6. Hunter’s rove 

It keeps the air in the house clean. This is a good choice for those who do not like taking care of plants but love plants. Golden pothos/hunter’s rove cherishes the brighter part of the home and should be sprinkled weekly. 

7. Spathe flower 

This is a popular indoor air-purifying plant, which is also called ‘peace lily or white sails. It is known to wipe out common household toxins and grows well in mild lighting conditions. 

8. Flamingo flower 

Oil cloth/Flamingo flowers are known for their romantic glimpses if properly taken care of. These houseplants do not appreciate clear daylight. Try as much as possible to imitate rainforest conditions for proper growth. 

9. Benjamina fig 

Usually known as Ficus Benjamina or weeping fig. It is a medicinal houseplant that improves indoor air and kills venom, such as methylbenzene, formalin, and xylene. 

10. Indian rubber tree/Ficus elastica 

They are evergreen plants that love slight kindness and bright filtered light. Also, their roots grow upward and knot around the plant body. 

11. Snow White

This is an ornamental plant that is used in homes and offices. It has a high tolerance for low-light climates, becoming an attractive plant. 

12. Saint George’s Sword 

It is another colorful air-purifying plant, commonly referred to as snake plant and mother-in-law’s tongue. Saint George’s sword is a bold plant that stands by itself. It can be used for household purposes and others. Don’t over-wet it. 

13. Aloe Africana 

It is widely called Succulent/Aloe Vera, which is an ornamental plant that extracts gel and has healing value. Aloe vera is thick and likes a sunny spot. 

14. Ananas comosus 

The pineapple plant is an air-purifying plant that removes poison from the air. It is best to keep them close to sunlight and not need lots of water for conservation. 

15. Nerve plant 

The nerve plant is hypersensitive and demands lots of attention. It is beautiful and has extraordinary air-purifying advantages.