plus-size dresses
plus-size dresses

The age-old conventions of how a woman should have specific body circumference have been recently crushed by a lot of women influencers and people in general. One should vehemently understand that you are not defined by your ‘body type’. The fact is, no woman or man is ever defined by the size of clothes they wear.

Plus size clothing for women has entered the fashion industry like a movement altogether. This change has been the need of the hour and successfully so due to the shortcomings women had to face all these years just because they are a specific body type.

With numerous options available, plus-size clothing online is a great pick to opt for. Online stores in India are doing marvelous work by bringing in a collection of clothing of all kinds to the common public that is both stylish and comfortable. So, if you are thinking that plus-size clothing might or might not give you the comfort you need, then you are wrong. These products are stitched and formed in a way that provides enough ease to the body of the person.

Now choose that XXXL or 4XL shirt without any hesitation. Some online brands that are repeatedly breaking through this age-old conception by bringing in the best collection possible are mentioned below:

⦁ Bewakoof: India’s one of the best online shopping websites that give people to choose from a variety of options when it comes to comfortable clothing. Be it T-Shirts, trousers or dresses. It has one of the best collections in India.
⦁ FabAlley: A well-known clothing brand that expertise in plus-size dresses. The collection is stunning, if you buy one, you will feel like making a purchase again from this particular brand.
⦁ aLL: This is a young plus-size store that works towards making fashion for all. Their collection is stunning and available for both men and women. Sizes up to 7XL are available in this store.
⦁ Oxolloxo: Who said that plus-size men and women cannot wear sexy clothes? This brand proves the point wrong and has a collection of vibrant coloured clothing that will make you feel beautiful.
⦁ Stalk Buy Love: It’s a well-known online store in India. If you are looking for plus-size tops for women, then here’s your pick.
⦁ PlusS: In this brand, fashion meets comfort. You can get the best outfits from this one that’s available online.
⦁ Amydus: Looking for traditional clothes in plus-size? Then, this is the brand for you.
⦁ Lime Road: Both men and women can grab the best collections. The brand looks after the requirements of women’s clothing and makes it available to them.
⦁ Gia Curves: Now flaunt your curves with the best collection of clothes available in this brand.
⦁ Nexus by Lifestyle: Lifestyle stores in India have come with their plus-size category clothing called Nexus. You will find both traditional and modern clothing here.
⦁ The Plum Tree: A clothing brand that is run by two plus-size women, who also happen to be sisters.
⦁ Lastinch: With sizes up to 8XL, this clothing brand makes affordable as well as comfortable clothes.
⦁ Afamado: The name is taken from a Spanish word that means ‘celebrity’. To look your best and get your hands on some good plus-size clothing, Afamado comes to the rescue.
⦁ Sindrellastorie: Founded by Vigya Walia Kaushik, who was a blogger and she eventually became an entrepreneur by starting her independent clothing line for women who could not find the best plus size clothes in the market.
⦁ Half Full: Founded by two sisters, aims to bring innovation in women’s ethereal clothing.

Now check out Bewakoof for the best plus-size shopping for this season. The Tribe Members would get an additional discount on every product. So, what are you waiting for? Shop today!

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