Outsourcing software development can save you time, money and headaches. It can give your business the edge you need to get ahead of your competitors. 

If this all sounds too good to be true, remember, the right partner is key. As wildly successful as some outsourcing projects are, there are just as many disastrous ones. Let’s explore all about outsourcing software development – the what, when, and why – so you get all the pros and none of the cons.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

You need a software solution. It might be an app built specifically for your business. Something to streamline or combine your current individual software solutions. Or any other software development you can imagine. But you don’t have the expertise, time, or resources to develop this software yourself. Or you do but your time is better spent on another project.

Here is when Outsourcing software development can help you. This concept simply means hiring a third party to create software for you.

What are Software Development Outsourcing Companies?

These are companies that specialize in software development, deployment, and maintenance. Their whole purpose is to manage, complete, and support your project. Generally, they have a network of specialists, freelance or in-house. This is completely helpful because your software is being created by someone who is currently in their field and passionate about their role. 

Also, it is great to note down that often outsourcing software development companies have international, agile, and remote team members so you can access expertise all over the world.

Pros of Outsourcing Software Development

Save Time

A software development outsourcing company can start and finish your project quickly. In the time it takes you to find, vet, interview, and connect a team together, your software could be finished and outsourcing software development can already make your life easier.

Save Money

Save the payroll hassle of hiring in-house for specialists you need for this single project. It might feel like you’re paying more per hour (and maybe you are) but what you save in taxes, health insurance, and other benefits will far outweigh it. If you try outsourcing software development overseas, your base price might even be lower due to cost of living differences across the globe.

Fewer Headaches

All successful software development outsourcing companies are project management experts. You don’t have to be the point person once you’ve outsourced. Yes, your vision is leading the project but you don’t need to manage day-to-day snags or questions about the project. They’ve done this before and they’ll do it again – all their communication and accountability systems are tested and successful.

Cons of Outsourcing

As with any project, you need to be aware of pitfalls before they become a problem. Let’s look through the most common issues that come with outsourcing software development.


Having experts from around the world can also mean differing time zones, cultures, and expectations for communication. To mitigate this, spend some time talking about your expectations before you commit to a project. Keep in mind differing hours of operation, holidays, and legal obligations.

Long-term Support

If you don’t find a reputable, time-tested company, there’s a chance your long-term support disappears into the internet ether. It’s possible for another company to take over the maintenance of your software, it’s just another headache you could avoid by going with a reputable firm.

How to Choose Your Outsourcing Partner in 2022

Staying Power

You don’t have to find the oldest outsourcing company out there but you should find one with a solid foundation. 

Who have they worked with? How many of their clients come back again and again? When you talk about timelines, do they have a clear plan and framework for sustaining their business or are they just scrambling for every project?

Check their Portfolio

Meet with several companies, give a general outline of your project, and ask for examples of work they’ve completed that’s similar. 

Even if they can’t show you the product (due to confidentiality issues), they should be able to describe their process. They may give you a full team or ask your preference between a few different specialists. 

Check out their individual work as well. One team may not be as effective as another. And the best team on paper may not be right for your particular project.

Corporate Identity

How do they talk about their employees? Their past clients? What do their former employees say about them? Finding a company that matches your own ideals and interpersonal values is extremely important. You’re in this for the long haul if you need maintenance and you want to feel comfortable with their vibe. 

Outsourcing software development can save you money, time, and sanity. It can result in your software being completed faster and more professionally than you could ever do it in-house. But you have to find the right partner. 

Beyond having technical skills, a company’s vision and treatment of its staff are both extremely important. Outsourcing software development companies come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags but if you vet them properly, you’re in for turbo-powered software development success.