Welcome to our list of the top 15 marketing portfolio examples of 2023! As the world of

As marketing continues to evolve and change, it’s more important than ever to showcase your skills and accomplishments in a way that stands out from the competition.

That’s where a marketing portfolio comes in. A marketing portfolio is a collection of your best work demonstrating your marketing expertise and capabilities.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best marketing portfolio examples of 2023 to inspire and guide you as you create your portfolio using various Website Builders. From case studies and marketing campaigns to social media posts and marketing plans, these examples showcase a wide range of skills and abilities in marketing.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or just starting in the industry, these examples will provide valuable insights and inspiration for creating your standout marketing portfolio.

What is a Marketing Portfolio?

A marketing portfolio is a collection of materials showcasing your marketing skills and accomplishments. It can include case studies, marketing campaigns, social media posts, marketing plans, and other materials demonstrating your marketing expertise.

Marketing professionals typically use portfolios to showcase their work and capabilities to potential employers, clients, or partners.

  1. Abigail Jones-Walker

Made with Copyfolio’s Letterpress template

Abby is a strategic marketer that works with clients on marketing and copywriting projects. The first box you need to check when creating your portfolio website is to make sure what you do is evident to anyone who visits your site and reads your tagline.

You may learn more about her background (10 years in marketing and an MBA, fantastic!) and the primary services she provides as you read down. 

By blogging about these services, she enables readers to decide whether she would be the best candidate to handle their marketing demands.

Writing case studies for your marketing portfolio is a fantastic approach to back up your claims of knowledge and expertise. It would help if you tried to write about the following as Abby did in hers:

  • What the goal was and the KPIs are established
  • Your systematic approach and what you did to finish the assignment
  • The ultimate results, with statistics and numbers.
  • Use screenshots, data visualisations, or other visuals relevant to the project to illustrate the case study.

2. Awe Collective

Made with WordPress

Ty James Largo founded AWE Collective. His team can produce top-tier brand recognition, web services, content creation, and more. Research is necessary, and creative chaos is encouraged. They specialise in innovative solutions such as UX design, website development, and graphic design.

3. Michelle Cheney

Made with Squarespace

Michelle has worked as a senior marketing consultant for more than 20 years. For organisations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, she has worked on market research, branding, and special event marketing packages.

4. Samantha Contreras

Made with Copyfolio’s Letterpress template

With a polished image at the top of her homepage, Samantha creates a great first impression. Even if it’s not a picture of her, the screenshots in mockups have a polished appearance and go well with her slogan.

Along with the phrase, she included a CTA button that directs visitors to her case studies website. There, she gives an overview of the initiatives before providing a reference for each.

She also offers case studies on her homepage, alongside coordinated thumbnail photographs. These represent projects such as branding, social media, or email marketing. Without too much space on the page, this demonstrates her versatility and knowledge.

5. Hive Creative Group

Made with Squarespace

The website of the full-service design and marketing firm Hive Creative Group immediately demonstrates the creative prowess of this Hive of active bees. The agency’s interactive icon animations and pink and orange colour scheme are present throughout the website.

Users can browse Hive’s portfolio page, which is divided into many areas, including social media marketing and branding.

Additionally, the website showcases some essential data from previous projects so potential customers can immediately understand what the team is capable of.

The website’s main features are as follows:

  • There are animated icons on every page.
  • Branded content using fonts and colours
  • Work categories are broken down on a portfolio page.
  • An onsite blog showcasing professional abilities
  • The primary header menu includes links to contact information and social networking icons.

6. Troy Hallahan

Made with Webflow

Troy Hallahan, a marketing specialist, is a master of innovation, strategy, and design. He has held executive marketing positions for numerous brands thanks to his expertise in social media marketing, campaign management, and graphic design.

7. Adapting Social

Made with Wix

This marketing agency, Adapting Social, showcases its clientele’s wide range of services on its website.

Users can click through to the sections that interest them on the What We Do page, which serves as the business’s portfolio and is divided into several categories, including lead generation, email marketing, and graphic design.

The business’s podcast has a page on the website where visitors can view the impressive guest list and listen to the most recent episode. It strategically positions the agency as a thought leader and subject matter authority.

8. Kathryn Hall

Made with Wix

To demonstrate to potential clients how much she loves what she does, Kathryn has crammed her website with information.

Because of the website’s pastel colour scheme and distinctive typography, the branding is evident throughout the website. On the portfolio page, clever work prototypes are displayed alongside text from Kathryn outlining the specifics of each campaign she offers.

Kathryn also includes client endorsements on her homepage that are intended to give visitors an immediate sense of her reputation.

9. Maya Francis

Made with Squarespace

Maya’s straightforward and impartial portfolio website demonstrates her self-assurance in her capacity to lead organisations to marketing success.

The logos of significant customers she has previously worked with are displayed on her portfolio page; clicking on any logos will take users to the client’s website rather than a case study.

You can also download Maya’s outstanding resume to learn more about her qualifications. To make it simple for people to comprehend how she can assist them, she has also broken down each of her service offerings.

10. Lydia Harrell Design

Made With Squarespace

Some of the most significant creative initiatives Lydia Harrell Design has worked on are highlighted on her portfolio page.

Lydia’s case studies include various visual components of her work, such as brochures, web pages, and email marketing, instead of just text and testimonials.

Users can traverse the portfolio easily by just scrolling down to view the following case study.

11. Feeney Marketing

Made with Squarespace

The team at Feeney Marketing has developed an online marketing portfolio that positions them as leaders in the field. The website has excellent black-and-white photography, even in the team members’ headshots.

Users may learn more about each team member on the Our Team page, but the onsite blog showcases the range of skills that the entire Feeney Marketing team possesses.

12. Denise Rick

Made with Weebly

Being a branding specialist, Denise Rick should have a powerful brand that permeates every page of her website.

Using simple typefaces and iconography guarantees nothing detracts from the work, while a light, neutral colour scheme creates a peaceful atmosphere.

The portfolio page’s case studies are in-depth and highlight important data and ROI for each client. Users can view actual instances of Denise’s work in action elsewhere thanks to animated GIFs and linked social media marketing examples.

13. Halle Snavely

Made with Copyfolio’s Letterpress template

Halle chose to keep her portfolio website straightforward and, like Michelle above, utilised Copyfolio’s “Letterpress” template. She listed her occupation as “Copywriter + Content Marketer” beneath her profile photo and then added a few phrases about her history.

Halle also contributed four projects to her portfolio, but she displayed them in a 22 grid rather than all in a row. She separated her work examples into four groups: editorials, social media, content marketing, and copywriting. Click on a thumbnail for any exciting item to be taken to a page with further information.

14. Incest

Made with Wix

An agency that assists in facilitating collaborations between businesses and social media celebrities is called Incest.

Users only need to scroll down the homepage to examine case studies, testimonials, and more information about Incast’s prior success stories rather than clicking through to a separate portfolio page.

Critical social media statistics and embedded samples of social media posts are also be found as you scroll down the homepage. In case also uses the Fynd platform. Fynd Platform is a platform that allows brands to build, distribute, and track their content marketing Campaigns.

15. SnuggleMud

Made with Card

SnuggleMud helps brands succeed by combining analytics and creativity. Together, marketing campaigns, branding, design support, and consistent content express each brand’s narrative consistently.

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