The popularity of playing card games across the globe is an open secret. Almost all social and family gatherings are incomplete without a round of their favorite card games. Thanks to mobile gaming, people can now enjoy their all-time favorite card games whenever, wherever. There’s no longer the requirement to wait for specific events or parties to play cards. You can quickly match up with random real-life online players and have your fill of card games. 

So, if you are browsing the Internet and wondering which card games you can install on your device to have a great time, here are three recommendations. The games mentioned below engage millions of players from all corners of the globe, and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Read on to know more. 

Cube Solitaire 

The first game on the list is Cube Solitaire, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise because it used to be a notoriously famous game that people played on PCs. Today, you can download the game on your mobile devices or play it online. 

The game is a well-known variant of the classic Solitaire, but it comes with challenging twists and turns. 0nline players particularly enjoy the fast-paced nature of these matches that last for about three to five minutes. Each match is played with 52 cards, and four suits feature a countdown timer. The primary objective is to create relevant sequences from Ace to King. The cards must belong to the same suit but be placed in alternating colors. Then, the finished sequence must be transferred to the foundation pile to score points. 

The match is played in a 1V1 format where the objective is to finish creating valid sequences before your opponent. If you cannot create sequences, you need to at least score higher than your opponent by utilizing the different scoring opportunities. Some of those scoring activities are adding a card from the stockpile to the tableau, adding a card to the foundation pile, turning a card face up in the tableau, etc. 

If you are confident in your skills, you can participate in multiplayer tournaments to win real cash prizes.

21 Puzzle 

Do you enjoy adding numbers? If yes, 21 Puzzle is for you. The game requires players to understand basic math, such as addition. It is one of the most exciting and simplest card games you can come across. The objective is to add the points of the cards in your hand and get a score of 21. 

The 21 Puzzle game is played with 52 cards on a column-based board, and you can compete with real-life online players. The opponents are chosen randomly, which allows you to make virtual friends. You can choose to engage in a 1V1 intense battle where two players compete against each other. You have to score 21 before your opponent to win in this mode. 

Alternatively, you can compete in the 1VN tournaments to win real money. You can be a winner in these multiplayer tournament modes by dominating the leaderboard. So, it is recommended to play many free practice games and acquire the skills required to beat multiple players. Also, it would be best if you worked on your addition. 

Spider Solitaire 

The Spider Solitaire game was another favorite of PC gamers. It could be played offline, and people would stay engaged for hours. The game has come truly far to make it to the list of one of the top online card games for mobile devices. 

Initially, the game used two decks of playing cards, and players could choose if they wanted to use one, two, or four suits for the match session. Even today, you can select the number of suits in play according to your experience level. The four-suit Spider Solitaire game is the most complex and time-consuming among its other versions. 

The game’s fundamental goal is to form a relevant set of thirteen cards belonging to the same suit. The cards must be arranged ascendingly from Ace to King. Once the set is complete, click on it and transfer it to the foundation deck. 

Most mobile gamers prefer to play the one-suit Spider Solitaire because it is the easiest and quickest, especially when playing time-based games. If you are engaging in 1V1 time-based battles with real-life online players, it is best to quickly play the one-suit variant to finish the game and score higher than your opponent. 

You can also participate in multiplayer tournaments on some of the platforms to earn real money. However, it is crucial to learn the rules and adhere to a few strategies before you can participate in cash contests and tournaments. If there are free games available, don’t forget to practice those so you can brush up your skills and learn the rules. 

The bottom line 

Card games continue to be fun, and they can be played on your mobile devices nowadays. So, you can quickly connect with opponents with skills and experiences similar to you and enjoy an intense match. The three card games mentioned above are among the most played games online, and you can check them out right away. Download the games, install them on your device, create an account, and start playing. These games run ongoing tournaments where you can participate to win real money and entertainment. 

All the best for having the time of your life!