Although there are endless sex toys out there on the market for woman, the male market is starting to catch up as everybody looks to enhance their pleasure in the bedroom. Sex toys for men are becoming increasingly popular and have broken the taboo, opening up conversation and encouraging people to become more adventurous in the bedroom. With products that range all the way from anal sex toys to stimulate the wonderful p-spot in every man’s anus to realistic sex toys that replicate the real sex feel without the need for a partner, try out something new and see what gets you going!

  1. Sex machines

By exploring exciting new sensations that create a pleasure like you have never experienced before, add an extra dimension to your climaxes. Taking solo play up a notch, sex machines for men allow you to explore endless new sensations to get your heart rate going and send waves of pleasure throughout your body. Whether you want a sex machine to massage the penis to a big finish, an anal sex machine to explore new pleasure spots, or an oral sex machine to replicate the sensitivity of a blowjob, there are numerous options to choose from so you can please yourself exactly how you like. By enjoying the new levels of stimulation, introducing a cheeky buzz will stimulate the sensitive glands and nerve endings, getting your heart racing and creating some of the best orgasms to date as you explore hidden pleasure zones you have never considered.

  1. Cock rings

Being an all-time favourite, there’s no wonder cock rings are so popular among both men and women. By creating a firmer erection so you can enjoy a tighter feel, enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner by sliding on a cock ring in seconds. As well as crating a harder erection, you can go for longer with an improved stamina so you can maximise each other’s pleasure well into the night. Both men and women love the surge of pleasure that comes with a cock ring, using it time and time again to incorporate into their sex life to enhance their steamy sessions and make them last all night long.

  1. Fleshlights

Solo play will never be the same again when you introduce a fleshlight, being designed specially to replicate the female vagina or anus with skin-like feel silicone and an insert with an array of bumps, nubs and ridges for incredible stimulation for your penis from the base to the head. You can also buy fleshlights that are modelled after the most famous adult stars’ vaginas, so you can live out your fantasy with your dream girl like you’ve always wanted. If you are more of an oral man, get your senses tingling with the realistic mouth shaped sex toys, recreating the pleasure of oral sex during solo play. A blowjob fleshlight is designed to replicate the feeling of a mouth and throat so creates maximum pleasure as you penetrate as deep as you please, not having to worry about anything but your own pleasure.