When starting a construction project, extensive planning is involved, and it requires all of the contractors to participate to ensure a smooth construction. The planning process has many elements, such as knowing how many workers the team needs and the heavy construction equipment needed for certain tasks. 

One construction equipment you need to familiarise yourself with is the loading bay, and it is a vital piece when constructing tall buildings or structures. But before you find a loading bay hire around your area, your entire construction team needs to learn how to achieve safety when using it. Fortunately, you can find several safety tips from experts for increased worksite safety with the loading bay present. 

Tip #1: Determine if the ground is safe

The first safety tip you have to remember is knowing whether the ground is safe for the loading bay to be placed on or not. Note that cracks or uneven surfaces can become a huge problem because the loading bay might lose its hold of the ground. That can cause it to slip off and fall to the ground, causing severe injuries or fatalities if there are people underneath it.

If possible, you must fix the ground before placing the loading bay on it to ensure that it will not move around or slip off. You also have to clean the surface free of dust or debris because it can make the installation process difficult to finish. The surface you place it on should be free from issues or imperfections if you want it to be stable throughout the construction process.

Tip #2: Prevent people from staying underneath the loading bay

One other safety tip your construction team needs to learn is that no one should stay underneath the loading bay all the time. When you find loading bay hire services, they would usually give you safety recommendations on how to use it, and one of those is that no person should stay under the loading bay. 

You should know that loading bays protrude from the building or structure’s side, and you will never know when issues could happen that could cause it to fall off to the side. That is why reliable companies like Preston Hire provide high-quality loading bays for construction teams to use. However, if you go for unreliable loading bay providers, you should expect the loading bay to cause on-site problems. 

Tip #3: Keep the platform dry

Besides worrying about the ground where the loading bay is placed, you must keep the platform free from any liquids or moisture. After it rains, your workers need to clean it and keep it dry to prevent slipping hazards when people step on the platform. Cleaning the moisture off of the platform is as simple as using a mop or towel. 

You also have the option to cover it with a large tarp so that your workers do not have to dry it off once the rain clears. Ensure that the tarp can cover the entire platform size to prevent any water from seeping through and wetting the surface. It will save your workers a lot of time and help them get back to finishing their construction tasks right away. 

Keep your loading bay free from accidents and other severe problems by remembering the three safety tips mentioned above.