3 Reasons Why E-Waste Recycling is More Important Than Ever

E-waste recycling became a hot topic at the end of 2023, as many companies announced the launch of new products, which leaves millions getting rid of old phones, watches, and tablets in favor of new ones.  

You don’t have to give up your new devices or stop buying!  But it’s valuable to the environment and yourself if you consider recycling old electronics instead of trashing them.

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What’s E-Waste Recycling?

E-waste recycling takes your older electronics and gets new life out of them.  This might mean that they fix them so they can continue to be used or that the products are broken down into their base parts so they can be reused further.

When you throw away an old electronic, these processes can never be carried out, and that’s the end of it.  The average phone only lives with its original owner for two years, so it’s wasteful to keep this cycle up if you’re not going to recycle.

1- Save From Mining Further

E-waste recycling is important for every part of the environment.  Most importantly, it lessens how much we need to mine for elements like silver, gold, and copper- all of which can be found in different electronics.  

Although there’s not enough gold in these products to make it worth extracting yourself, by donating, you can rest assured a company will be able to draw them out and put them to use.

Nobody likes the idea of throwing away literal gold!

2- Stop Plastics from Leaching into the Soil

Plastic has leached so much into the average environment that microplastics are now in the bloodstream and body of most modern people.  This is a devastating blow to the environment and absolutely something that should be considered when you’re discarding your older electronics.

By recycling, you keep these plastics out of the earth and protect the area you live in.

3- Offer Affordable Options for Lower Income People

Recycled electronics aren’t always broken down!  In many cases, these electronics are simply refurbished and made available to people with lower incomes.  This means they don’t have to wait forever to get electronics from the last five years, and they can find something closer to their budget.

Even if your iPhone doesn’t work perfectly, it can be fixed up to function awesomely for a new user.  This keeps prices low for everyone.

How Do You Recycle E-Waste?

Recycling e-waste is a big choice, especially when you’re unsure about where to start.  When you recycle e-waste, look at companies that know what they’re doing and have a history of doing this.  Check views, look at their mission and make sure they align with what you want.  Although by not throwing it away, you’re already doing a lot of good, by picking the best company possible, you take this good deed even further. 

Everyone Can Do Their Part

Whether you donate your old electronics or you break them down and reuse them in other ways, keeping them out of landfills is incredible work.  Take the time to get to know your options and help others make a better choice for the environment.