Do you find that you are so busy that you are often skipping meals? Would you like to make sure you eat every day but feel like you do not have enough time?

More than thirty percent of Canadians skip one meal a day. This high number is understandable since many people have demanding work and family responsibilities, making it difficult to make eating a top priority.

If you want to know the downsides of skipping meals, you are in the right place! Our guide will explore three reasons why you should never skip a meal. Read below to learn why eating should be an important part of your day!

1. Slows Down Your Metabolism

One of the negative effects of skipping meals is that it can wreak havoc on your metabolism. For example, when the body is not receiving food, it will signal the brain to conserve whatever fuel it currently has. 

Over time, this can start to slow down your metabolism, leaving you feeling fatigued and making it harder to lose weight.

2. Causes Weight Gain

When you go too long without eating food, your body goes into survival mode. So, it will take whatever food it can get to prevent the body from starving. 

Thus you might notice that you start reaching for foods that give you a quick energy boost, such as sugar and carbs. However, you have to be careful because these items typically do not have much nutritional value and can lead to weight gain.

3. Affects Your Brain

For your brain to work properly, it requires energy and nutrients, which it receives from the food we eat. So when you skip meals, your brain cannot function at its full potential.

You might feel sluggish, weak, or have a reduced attention span. These are a few ways that skipping a meal affects your brain.

How to Avoid Skipping Meals

Now that you have seen the downsides to skipping meals, it is time to do something about it. But you might wonder, how can I schedule time in my day to plan my meals?

Here are some simple ways to make sure you do not miss out on a meal:

  • Keep snacks in your bag or purse
  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Prepare your food the night before
  • Schedule a lunch date

These are great ways to help you avoid skipping meals, even when your schedule is hectic. However, if you would rather not spend time planning out your meals or going to the store, why not have your meals come to you?

You can schedule a meal delivery service, which you can customize based on your dietary restrictions and preferences. First, choose your meals from the menu, select the size, and how many meals you want. Then, you will have delicious, healthy meals delivered to your door every week! 

Now You Know Why You Should Stop Skipping Meals!

Do not go another day without fueling your body the right way! Our guide has shown you three reasons why skipping meals is not good. If you follow our advice and prioritize eating, you will never want to miss another meal again!

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