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There’s nothing like a beautifully designed custom printed box to bring your brand to life. And if you’re a business on the go, they’re also invaluable in transporting your products safely and securely. But there are some things that can make your custom printed boxes unsustainable — and if you’re not careful, they could end up costing you more than just the price of a new box every once in a while. Here are three ways you might be making your custom printed boxes unsustainable, along with tips for how to fix them. 

1. Your custom printed boxes can be unsustainable if you buy from the wrong company 

2. You might be making your custom printed boxes unsustainable by using them too often 

3. You might also be making your custom printed boxes unsustainable by using them incorrectly 

1. Your custom printed boxes can be unsustainable if you buy from the wrong company 

If you’re printing custom boxes for your product, you want to make sure you’re buying from a company that uses sustainable materials. The best way to do this is to find a company that uses 100% recycled paper. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for your business. 

If you’re selling online, you’re clearly doing a business out of something you love. Customer reviews are a great way to drive more business for your business, but they can also be a helpful clue as to which companies treat their product(s) with the respect it deserves. Remember that the customer is always right.  

As a business, you should treat customers like gold and try your hardest to delight them in every way possible. If you provide great customer service and make them smile, they’ll tell many others about you and your business. Responsibly printed boxes will show other businesses that beautiful custom printed boxes are easy to work with. 

We all need to eat, and custom printed boxes are a great way for you to make your products more appealing to consumers. But they’re also one of the easiest ways to put your business to work for you. If you refocus on where your boxes are going, you might be able to save yourself some serious money over the long term.  

2. You might be making your custom printed boxes unsustainable by using them too often 

Boxes are just packaging, but they can be sustainable if you think about how you’re using them. You might be using too many boxes if you’re using them more than once. If you sell products that are individually packaged in boxes, then you’re probably using too many boxes. 

It’s better to recycle or re-source the boxes that still have value rather than trying to find new ways to use the ones that aren’t. Buying lower-quality boxes instead of buying premade boxes save you money because it reduces your overall production cost. You can also reuse the boxes that still have value after they’ve been resealed to ensure they last as long as possible.  

And as long as you’re resealing boxes that are worth saving, you’re in a simple case of making your boxes sustainable. Printing a box from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) materials can also end up being cheaper than custom printing it yourself. Normal printing costs are based on many materials (like metal, pigment, and chlorine), but custom printing can be done mostly out of materials you can easily find and afford.  

If you don’t limit yourself to printing your boxes out of wood, metal, or another lightweight, affordable materials, all of the true cost savings disappear. You could end up buying more boxes for your business, but it could still be cheaper to print them from your own stock or the stock that’s already available from commercial printing companies.  

3. You might also be making your custom printed boxes unsustainable by using them incorrectly 

When you print a logo or image on a custom box, you’re making a statement that you care about your brand. It’s a great way to get your brand noticed and keep it on customers’ minds, but you need to make sure that you’re not making your brand name unsustainable in the process. 

Suppliers and manufacturing costs When we design, create, and ship custom products, we like to segment the components to keep organic costs down. When a box is a custom printed, it counts as a single component, and it’s not uncommon to pay more for a single product than you might for a handful of products of the same size and quality.  

Excluding the cost of the printer, print runs, box material, packaging, and shipping, the typical custom-printed product is going to cost you somewhere between 10% and 40% more than the standard product. In short, returning to the custom print box means you’ll have to ask more of your suppliers and manufacturers.  

Not only that, but manufacturers expect to be paid for the boxes they produce as a standard part of their business. So, if you use the same print box manufacturer for every product, you’re going to have to pay them for that exact same box every time. If your box isn’t custom-printed, you’ll have to buy them in bulk from a print manufacturer who specializes in the size and color options you want.  

If you don’t want to handle the cost of shipping every time a box needs to be printed, you might as well just return to the print shops and purchase in bulk. Environmentally friendly Last but not least, there’s the environmental impact of printing a box. When you have a small group of people making the box, it’s super easy to ship one without a big carbon footprint.  

But goods created by a large manufacturing plant that uses massive amounts of energy generate huge carbon footprints, and if you’re shipping particularly large orders, your box may also take a while to get there. 


Printing a logo or image on a custom box is a great way to get your brand noticed and keep it in customers’ minds, but you need to make sure that you’re not making your brand name unsustainable in the process.  

When it comes to packaging, there are a lot of things you can do to get your brand noticed as long as you do it tastefully. One of the easiest ways is to print your logo or an image of your product on the packaging so that customers can see it.  

But like all good logos, if you print it too big, it will cover up your logo. So what do you do? For your logo, choose crisp, white letter font and a neutral color. For your image, choose a neutral background with the appropriate contrast. A white background works best, but there are alternatives like black velvet, velvet fabric, or felt. If you feel like your logo or image needs extra punch, feel free to add it in Photoshop.  

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As long as you’re still strategic with the image, it shouldn’t overpower the product itself, and you don’t have a difficult time showing drawing power. There are also various options for double-wide for your logo and your product — one for each side of the box, visit us:

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