3 tips to secure your PC in 2023

Protecting your computer is a necessity when it is connected to the Internet. The Internet is a mine of information, services and entertainment, but it is also a nest of cyber threats: malware, phishing attempts or even the theft of personal data are unfortunately the daily life of hundreds of millions of Internet users. A few good reflexes can help you dodge these risks as much as possible. Here some tips that can secure your pc VPN gratis also included.

Be careful what you download

A video downloaded from a site that you do not know, a compressed file found on a forum or a document sent as an attachment by a member of your family who is not used to writing to you: in all cases, mistrust. When a file seems suspicious to you or you don’t trust its source, it is better to avoid opening it, otherwise your machine will be infected with malware. The use of an antivirus can allow you to scan the files, but also to be informed in real time of the reliability of a visited site. What you avoid many unpleasant surprises.

Browse privately and securely with a VPN

Do you have the impression that all the advertisements on the sites and social networks you visit are perfectly targeting you? Prices tend to increase on certain sales platforms as you visit? This means that your personal data is studied to establish an accurate profile, in order to offer you personalized ads. This is proof that you are never anonymous on the Internet… unless you use a VPN (virtual private network) which is responsible for masking your identity, so that you can browse without being seen. No one knows who you are or what you do on the web, not even your Internet service provider. Sometimes we think vpn are quite expensive but you can freely use. You can download VPN Windows free of cost and use. You can enjoy itop vpn and can make your pc more secure and not to let anyone misuse your privacy.

Have a different password for each site

Password theft is very common and it is rarely linked to poor handling on your part: online services are often hacked and personal data is stolen. When this happens, you should immediately change your password. But the task is complex if you use the same password to protect all your online accounts, because they all become vulnerable! It is therefore important to have a different password for each account. Using a password manager is very practical so that you don’t have to memorize them all.


Now a days we all use internet and mostly don’t know how to make your details secure. So if you are also want security these three tips help you. You can utilize these tips for your safety on internet world. There is many vpns are available that you can easily install in your pc and enjoy new experience.