The process and journey of deciding when it is the right time to transition a loved one into a memory care facility can be an emotional one. Many elderly individuals often stay with family members as they get older, and memory challenges can make it that much more difficult to care for your loved one. Even though you might want them to stay with you forever, it just might not be realistic to give someone the care they need around the clock. Memory care in Utah can be a great option for those who still want to be connected with their loved one but may not have all the resources they need in order to be able to care for them properly. The transition process to a memory care center can be a great experience by following a few of these tips to help ensure everyone is comfortable throughout this process.

Start Preparing Before The Transition

Especially when working with those individuals with memory challenges, preparing in advance can be the best way to help your loved one feel at ease when the time for the transition has finally come. Frequent reminders of what is to come can prove to be immensely helpful for those who may forget things easily. Try to keep the conversations short and sweet so that they get the point across but it isn’t drug out too long. Emphasize that they will be in a new home and it will be a safe environment for them. These conversations not only help out your elderly family member, but it can also help you come to terms with the situation as well, and help you to feel confident in your decision. 

Encourage Participation and Socialization

When the time comes to make the transition, encourage your loved one to meet people and make friends. Although they may struggle with remembering everything, getting socialization out there can help bring a calming peace around them as they talk with other residents. Exploring new surroundings together can be a great time to get to know others and have those special moments together. When they participate in any activities or events, they are likely to feel more at home in this different environment and have a better chance at adapting when they get a taste of what their routine may be like. 

Keep Your Connection Open

Just because your loved one is moving into a different place doesn’t mean you will never see them! There are many ways to keep the lines of communication open that can be greatly beneficial for both you and your family member. You will have the chance to visit during visiting hours and make phone calls as they adjust to their new home. You can also come during times that you are able to interact with them through activities or events. Whenever you do decide to visit, know that it may be hard as they are adjusting but that it can improve with time. Having a smooth transition will benefit everyone involved and help give everyone around exactly what they need to thrive in this new stage of life.