When you are involved in a car accident, what you do after the accident has a significant impact on the compensation you will receive. We are talking about the mistakes car accident victims do that result in getting lesser compensation than they deserve. But if you know what to do or what not to do, you can prevent this situation. When you and your auto accident lawyer Sacramento will be working together to build a strong case, knowing the things that can prevent you from getting what you deserve is crucial for you to avoid the mistakes that will affect your compensation.

Car accidents can be an extremely stressful experience. In stress, you might do some things incorrectly.

In this blog post, we have come up with the common blunders car accident victims make that you should never make. 

  • Sharing all things with an insurance company

No matter how much you want to trust an insurance company, they are in business to make profits out of your money and will do everything to reduce your settlement money and pay you the least amount. No matter how concerned and friendly they appear, they will never think for you and will try to make profit margins for their company.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with insurance companies is revealing things that must not be told. They are already finding things to reduce the settlement, especially when it comes to your injuries, who’s at fault, did you receive medical care, etc.  And make sure you neither accept anything nor blame the other party. Because this information can be used for their own benefit. You just need to provide them with basic and essential information.

The best you can do is to hire a good Personal Injury Attorney Sacramento before you deal with an insurer agent because you can prevent making common mistakes that are made filing the insurance claim.

  • Downplaying your injuries or not going to a doctor

This is one of the biggest mistakes accident victims make after a car accident. You should never skip seeing a doctor, regardless of whether the accident was minor or severe, or whether you felt pain or no pain. When it comes to auto accidents, many accident victims underestimate their injuries and do not go to see a doctor. Some injuries may take longer than you think to show and appear as symptoms. You may think you’re okay until you start feeling a few days later. The claim you will receive will evaluate your injuries. If you have your injuries documented by the doctor, only then you can become eligible for compensation. So make sure you see a doctor and have all your injuries documented by the doctor.

  • Not report the accident to police and not collecting the essential accident details

It’s normal to feel shocked and confused right after the accident, and people end up not recording and documenting what has happened. This wrong move is a serious mistake on your part. Reporting and documenting all the details of an accident is a necessary part of filing an accident claim for compensation. So, if you want to pursue the claim and get a fair amount of settlement, your Sacramento bicycle accident attorney will ask you about if you have reported the incident to police and whether or not you have collected and documented the accident details.

Details like contact info of witnesses present there, pictures of damaged property, photographs of your injuries, collision pictures, and everything connected to the accident are so crucial. This will all be needed to show how you have been impacted by the accident that was not your fault.

Gather as much evidence as you can, it will help your case and increase the chances of getting a fair compensation.