Social media has converted increasingly more prevalent in sports regarding experience. All games stars of MLB this year in Kansas City on Fox invited the audience to share the experience by showing #ASG in the top right corner of the screen of Television throughout the entire game. No doubt in all over Kauffman stadium hashtags appearances and walls were motivating the fans to communicate on Twitter. Twitter is one of the great reasons sports are becoming more social. Bit some other social media platforms are there that have created a more cooperative sports viewing experience. Android phones and smartphone apps are becoming great sources for the interaction of fans as well.

·         Sports Yapper:

This app is quite similar to Twitter but uniquely dedicated to discussing sports. SportsYapper permits the user to choose which game they like to talk about through “Yapping” 300 characters at once. While using this app all you have to tap “Game On” for the specific game user is on the sport watching and this sends an alert notification to your friends to the game you are watching. Then the conversation will be started by creating and following original streams of yappers between you and your fans. One of the amazing things about this fan chat sports app is it was launched by New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira.

·         Kwarter:

Kwarter is also a social game app that provides an opportunity to all fans to get a ticket, merchandise, and many more by viewing any of the selecting games and communicate with friends and fans on Facebook. The user of FanCake earned reward credit through engaging and checking in FanCake, gameplay, communicating with original events in the game, and can be part of prediction challenges. Live chat feed allows the fan to share and comment and upload pictures during the game with rewards and medals fly across the screen of the TV, pop-up prediction boxes, and praise is earned for simply communicating and commenting.

·         Thuuz:

@thuuz is a social sports app that examines all live events of sports to determine which is more thrilling based on a scale of 0-100. This app empowers the user to customize their experience by pointing out favorite teams and games. Users can also get detailed information about games that added scores, highlights, and recaps.  Thuuz will send you a notification if a game is moving high level; of excitement and update you in real-time.

·         Playup:

This is an app that is specifically designed for social hangouts with friends and family to the inbox each other without any cost while watching the match. Fans can tune the channel to watch their favorite game and can chat simultaneously through their smartphones with fellow fanatics. This fan chat sports app offers actual stats and scoring with a feature to produce chat rooms with some choosy friends and also join rooms for a public conversation with fans around the world.

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