4 Best Options for Disposing Machinery

Space has becoming more of a problem with every passing day. To deal with the issue of space, heavy machinery making companies want to get rid of the previous models of machinery so that they can make room for new products. Ideally, ‘getting rid’ of machinery should mean sales of products. However, if that has not been possibility, then you might want explore other options to make room for new products.

Industrial machinery which is sitting idle in the warehouse becomes a baggage for companies because it is not being utilized or providing any kind of value. While is occupying space of the warehouse and collecting rust, it becomes kind of headache for the company to get rid of the machinery. Relocating and removing the machinery is a pretty challenging task which cannot be carried out by the company itself. Being heavy in size, thousands of pounds, it requires services of machinery riggers to move or dispose the heavy equipment.

This article discusses 4 ways to dispose machinery.

Options for Machine Disposal

There are four ways which can help dispose heavy machinery. You can recycle or scrap, sell directly, partner with a broker, and auction the machinery which you want to get rid of. Let’s evaluate all these options in details so that you can make a decision easily.

1. Recycle or Scrap

If the machinery you want to dispose is old, and cannot be repaired for sale then the best option is to scrap it or recycle it. This way you can empty the space it had occupied in the warehouse, while utilizing the valuable parts. Keeping the useless machinery for an indefinite time would add to your storage cost without providing any value. Recycle centers and scrap yards accept a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment. The best part about recycling your old industrial machinery is that you can take a step towards protecting environment by avoiding dumping the machinery in local landfills.

We recommend not dumping machinery on your own as it can be challenging to remove heavy machinery from your facility and transport it to a local junkyard. Therefore, you must acquire services of a professional machinery rigger to move the equipment for you.

2. Sell Directly to a Buyer

Of course, this is the ideal and perfect situation because you didn’t make machinery to get rid of it in a scrap-yard. Selling machinery directly to a buyer can profit you in the true letter and spirit. However, the only challenge is to find and reach the buyers who need this machinery. If you deal in specialized equipment, it can be more difficult for you.

Reaching relevant markets and finding ideal audience for buying your machinery requires quite a lot of time and efforts. While most owners, plant managers, and other managers already have a lot on their plate, they can’t spare the time to find the right buyers.

Direct selling to buyers means you’re the salesperson and also the in charge of the marketing. This comes with its own share of limitations because if there are any queries regarding machinery, you are also responsible for answering them. So, in a nutshell, direct selling is extremely demanding job especially for heavy machinery.

3. Partner with a Broker

You can dispose machinery by partnering with a reputable machinery broker. These brokers are often experts in the field of machinery and they might have a perfect buyer already lined-up to buy your machinery. You can create an efficient and successful partnership by working with a reputable machinery broker. So if you have any machinery which is baggage for your warehouse, and you want to connect with a buyer to sell it, you know who to call. With a third-party as stakeholder, you don’t have to worry about the legwork.

4. Auction

If you have multiple machines which use an obsolete technology and you want to get rid of all of them, then auctioning them is the best option. This is particularly great if the machinery is in-demand. With a small effort, you can benefit a lot. Auctions guarantee an immediate sale and a quicker return on investment (ROI), while reaching a big audience. There are a lot of bidding sites with their resources such as list of potential buyers. With the help of these sites, there are higher chances of greater ROI. Whether you want to sell one machine, or multiple machines, auction is effective, efficient and perfect mode of getting rid of machines.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a partner to help make machinery rigging easy and convenient for you, Lawson Inc. is just the right facility for you. With our team of professional and experienced team for machinery rigging, and access to the right equipment, we can help you get rid of the unwanted machinery without any hassle. With us as your partners you won’t need to do any work on your end while heavy equipment mover. To get a quote, call us.

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