Having a clean environment free from germs and bacteria is the dream of most individuals. However, having a clean and safe environment comes from observing proper cleaning and properly disinfecting your surfaces. You can also not pick any disinfectant you see for safety and other essential reasons. There are some vital factors to consider to help choose a suitable disinfectant. When looking for a new supplier for your facility’s disinfectant needs, here are the essential elements you should consider:

  1. Ease of Use

The ease of use is an essential factor when choosing a disinfectant. There are different ways to use the various disinfectants available on the market. Some are ready to use disinfectant sprays from the market, while others require diluting before using. If you are unaware of the dilution ratio, you should choose ready-to-use disinfectants to help avoid wastage.

  • Kill Claims

Kill claims are the disinfectant’s ability to eliminate the pathogens, pores, or viruses available in your facility. You need to know if the disinfectant you purchase can eliminate the germs or bacteria you target. The ability of a disinfectant to destroy a targeted pathogen depends on the product’s active ingredient, dwell time and other factors.

All chemical disinfectants cannot kill bacteria, germs, or viruses. That is why it is essential to look for the kill claims of the disinfectant before purchasing to help avoid buying a product that won’t serve the purpose it was intended to perform.

  • Cost

Cost is another essential aspect when choosing a disinfected to purchase for your facility’s cleaning program. It doesn’t cost the same amount to acquire a chemical disinfectant. Chemical disinfectants usually vary in cost depending on active ingredients, packaging, and use. 

The active ingredients available in disinfectants usually vary in price. Some are traditionally more expensive than others. The active ingredient you choose will also depend on other essential factors other than cost. Some active ingredients may be costly, but they intend to eliminate your targeted pathogen.

Depending on your budget, you will choose a disinfectant with less expensive active ingredients. You can consider shopping around from different disinfectant suppliers to enable you to find those that sell their products at affordable prices.

Product packaging will also affect the cost of a product. Products packed with highly concentrated are usually more expensive than those with less concentration. However, concentrated products are the best for long-term use since you will only use a minimal amount.

  • Dwell Time

Dwell time is when a disinfectant has to remain wet on the surface to eliminate the bacteria or germs. It would be best to allow a disinfectant to dwell for the recommended time to kill all the germs and bacteria on the surface effectively. 

When operating in a high-traffic area, you would want to choose a disinfectant with the shortest dwell time possible to ensure you don’t interrupt other essential activities. Disinfectants with extended dwell time could lead to the closure of some areas in your facilities until the surface is well. 

With several disinfectant sprays on the market, it is essential to do proper research before selecting one. However, you will have a suitable disinfectant for your facility with the above factors in mind.