best exercises for men

Overall 90% people over the population are not healthy, suffer from underweight or overweight. Most people maintain all types of diets drink protein shakes but are not satisfied with their result. Because they did not do any kind of exercise. And exercise is the key point of your healthy body. A regular and proper exercise gives you a perfect look. It will not happen a few times; it takes time but gives the proper result. Not only a perfect body shape exercise gives a healthy body, it will also help to control many diseases.

Most men want that body which attracts people. So they joined the gym but did not understand which type of workout they do’s. There are many kinds of exercise such as chest, leg, biceps, abs etc. so before we start about the chest exercise you should know about what are chest muscles?

What is your chest muscle?

Before doing any kind of exercise you must know about your body or your muscle size so you plan your workout session according to their size.  In the underneath, the pectoralis major is a triangular and thin muscle which is known as pectoralis minor. Pectoralis minor and pectoralis major play an important role in arm motion as well as deep inhalation.

The best exercises for men are in the following:

1.       Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the best and easiest chest workouts for men, who are done without going to the gym, you can do it anywhere. I think everyone knows how a push-up is done. But must know that your hands are in shoulder width and legs must be hip width.  When you perform this your elbows must complete the angle of 90 degree and your toes must touch the floor.

2.       Suspended Push-Ups:

For this exercise you need TRX straps and pull-up bars, which you put in your hands and body in a suspension which is unstable. Put your body in the angle of 45-90 degrees on the floor and grab the handles with keeping your feet at shoulder width apart extending arms in the front of the chest. Bring the dumbles and keep your hands towards the floor and stop when your hands cross your shoulder. Bring back yourself and do this again. Must make sure that your head and elbows remain in the same position throughout.

For this exercise not only your muscles build up your chest, pecs, delts shoulders and triceps also.

3.       Barbell Bench Press

This exercise helps to give you healthy and strong pectoral muscles. To perform this exercise, lie down on the bench with your feet on the floor and your eyes on the bar, keeping your arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This can be performed using either a straight or incline bench, with the latter putting greater strain on your shoulder and chest muscles. And then extend your arms and take off the bar towards the rack. Don’t let your elbows cross the bar and stop it when it touches your nipples. And hold for one second.

This workout helps to build your chest, delts and triceps.

4.       Dip

For this workout you need a dip bar. For doing this exercise stand in the center betweens the bars and put both hands on each bar and lift yourself off to the floor and lean your chest until it is at a slight downward angle.

5.       Plate Press Out

 Keep a plate of 10-45 pounds and let your feet at hip width, grip the plate by using hands and put the arms in front of the chest, squeeze your shoulder to closer the plate towards arms. Repeat this 10-15 times.


Exercise is one type of self care. Exercise not only gives you an attracted body, but also you get relief from several diseases. It makes your body healthy.