Every parent wants their kid to be healthy, growing, and happy. All the possible efforts are made by the parents to keep their kids healthy. Healthy means that your kid is growing, gaining weight, developing, and so on. Gaining weight is equally important as being healthy. If your kid is not taking a proper diet then there are chances that he may not gain weight or look underweight. Nobody will like to see their kids being called underweight. That is why they must pay attention to the diet of their kids. 

In parenthood, you may have to face many challenges including offering a nutritious diet to your kids. No kid likes to eat healthy food and that is why it is challenging for the parents to offer them the same. If you add nutritious or functional food to their diet you are adding a bit to their healthy future. There are many problems that many parents need to face and focusing on how to make their kids gain weight is also one of them. The best foods for kids to gain weight are discussed as follows:

  • Potatoes: If you are experiencing no gain in the weight of your kids then you need to gear up to follow the best food diet. The potatoes are rich in carbohydrates that add to the energy levels. They are converted into glucose that our body uses for energy but if the glucose remains unused then it can become fat. They are rich in fiber, carbs, and amino acids, etc. 
  • Eggs: They are rich in proteins, and many other nutrients. They can add calories and can help your kids gain the right weight. Eggs are even helpful in the development of the brain of the kids hence are one of the superfoods to eat.
  • Bananas: Bananas can be used for weight gain and they are also providing energy to our body. There are 100 around calories in bananas that can be eaten on the go for seeking energy. You can add this fruit in custards, milk shakes, salads, or in other yummy desserts. 
  • Dairy food: Dairy products include milk, curd, cheese, butter, etc and all t plays an important role in our body. They are rich in calcium that is known to make the bones strong. Dairy products like milk, cheese, etc can also add to the weight of your kids. You can add plain milk, milkshakes, custards, etc to your kid’s diet. 
  • Dry fruits and nuts: Nuts are the healthiest food to give your child any time for instant energy. They are packed with vitamins, proteins, magnesium, etc that are good for your kids. They are even known for immunity boosters.

So, these foods can be used for your kids to gain weight naturally. Iyurved is the best brand that offers nutritious foods, especially for kids. It offers organic snacks for kids like kids approved chocolate spread, powders, atta premix, etc. You can add all these items to your kid’s diet to make them healthiest.