Best Video File Formats
Best Video File Formats

If you love passing your free time watching films but constantly find yourself in the trouble of storage shortage or incompatibility of the video file with your device, we have just the right thing for you.

It is important to some extent for everyone to know file codec and file formats are not exactly the same. A codec such as H.264 is like a system that encodes video files and compresses them for easier sharing.

File formats such as .avi, .mp4, .flv are like a container for the encoded file. You can change the container while keeping the codec intact.

Here are some of the most widely used formats that you can use to organise your file data in the most effective way.

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  1. MP4

This format which was developed by MPEG and ISO/IEC is among the most widely used formats on social media platforms and works with a lot of different media players.

Using MP4 one can produce videos that contain much of their details and lose very little authenticity while keeping the size reasonable.

This format supports several files including object descriptions, MPEG features, object-oriented file structures, and much more. It is truly one of the best file formats to store your movies in.

  • Avi

This file format has been around for almost two decades now. Released in 1992 by Microsoft, Avi format generates high-definition audio/video files that work best for sharing and viewing content on YouTube and other social platforms.

Though the video size produced by this format is larger and can take up a lot of your space, it is compensated by the top-notch video quality. This is why almost every famous media player supports this format including VLC, KM and Real Video Players, etc.

  • MOV

This file format works best on Apple devices and supports files that are compressed but have both high audio and video quality. It was developed in 1998 for Apple users to give them the facility to store audio, video, animations, 3D graphics, subtitles, and much more under one format and using MPEG-4 Codec.

This file format is great in terms of storage and editing convenience, compatibility with various devices and media players, and last but not least the ease of moving the file around on the internet and social media sites.

Media players both windows and other support this file format such as VLC, iTunes, and Elmedia, etc.

  • WebM

If you have your own website and you need to upload video content often, WebM format is ideal for this purpose. It stands for “web methods”. Released in 2010, this tool is best when it comes to streaming online.

The videos you get are lighter in size and have high resolutions. It is supported by major media players like VLC, Windows player, and 5K Player and works great on various streaming sites like moviesda, etc.

Some of the key factors that make this format great are small file size with great quality, web optimisation of your videos, and the fact that it is an open-source file format i.e., you don’t have to get a license or special permission to use this format.

  • MKV

This is another open-source file format that is mostly used for movie files that have a variety of data in them like various languages, different audio tracks, metadata, and subtitles, etc.

The MKV which stands for “Matroska Video File” is a Russian-based format that was released in 2002. It works great on VLC but can support MX and MKP players and some others well.

This format gives you the freedom to playback damaged files with its error recovery feature. You get the fastest seeking, choice of various audio/video formats along with better online streaming through MKV.

Final Words

The knowledge of basic video formats and their compatibility with various media players and online platforms is essential if you want to watch films that have high quality and work well on your device.

The formats we have mentioned here are being used by major movie/games streaming and downloading sites like fitgirl repack games, torrentz2, and 123movies, etc.

We hope with this article you have gained some insights into which file formats are better and will suit your needs best.