distance education

The outbreak is changing the way of doing the day-to-day routine work. There is no doubt that the pandemic has shattered that entire world with its being. The routine work is not the way it was before the virus. It is the same in the education field. After the months of getting halted now, we are all back on our routine with a bit of change.

The pandemic is making us all go for the remote solution of our everyday work. Nowadays, online education is becoming a vital part of all educational institutions. People are tending to go for more digitalization in their business.

It is a fact that distance learning is a new field for all of us. It is why we need to make sure that we are taking the appropriate steps. The one thing that is crucial for all of us is a digital system. You cannot teach or take the exams without having an online system. You need to invest in an online examination management system to ensure that everything will go smoothly and according to the plan.

Other than having a digital application, you have to take measures to ensure fair examination. Know that taking an exam is only possible when you apply all the much-needed rules. Many of us can get confused as to how to invigilate during an online exam.

The below methods will help you get rid of any unlawful activity during the examination process. Make sure you act on these tips to prevent cheating in the exams.

Paper pattern

The one way to stop cheating in online exams is through some varied paper patterns. Your students will be less likely to cheat when you give them a different set of questions. It is one of the most practical ways that many teachers use in the on-sight classes. You can allot various questions to your students so that no one will have the time to cheat.

Case study questions

 Usually, students tend to cheat when you give them questions right from their curriculum. The best way to prevent cheating is by giving them questions that require a high level of thinking. This method is suitable for remote examination. This way, your students will not get the answer by searching the web. Try to come up with your unique question to stop cheating in an online exam.

Video conferencing

Your students will cheat if you are not there to see them. It is better to go for video conferencing whenever your students are taking an examination. With the help of video conferencing, your students will know that you are seeing them. You can limit the cheating tactics by keeping an eye on your students.

Limit unauthorize access

One way your students can take advantage of online examinations is by giving access to their accounts. You need to limit the access by allowing only one participant at a time. You can use different software that can prevent unauthorized access to other accounts.

Secure browser

The last option we have to conduct cheating -free examination through a secure browser. In this method, the software will not allow opening another window in the browser. You can prevent cheating by not allowing any window to open. The software application can send an error message to you if any students try to open another window.