myths of HR software

Human resource management has always been an important part of any organization. It is responsible to manage workforce and employee engagement. It has been witnessed that there are certain human resource myths which need to be overthrown. Web based HR software has assisted in overthrowing certain myths related to Human resource management and HR software.

Let’s delve a little and discuss few common myths associated with an HR software which has been overthrown with time:

Decreased data security

A web based application has a centralized platform to store data and provide easy access to each employee to function from any location around the world. These applications have easy access by the credentials generated by the IT team. It has been a human resource myth that the data stored on a centralized platform does not have a secured platform. Instead HR software provides a secure platform by allowing the admin to revoke the access right of any employee at any point of time. It can’t be denied that there is no possibility of data breach or data loss. But with a compatible IT infrastructure the possibility of such unannounced data loss decreases in comparison to on premises system based applications and huge files.

Decreased communication among employees

A virtual procedure that automates major activities allowing the human resource management team to plan strategies for betterment of the organization. This has imparted an impression that human communication will diminish with the use of web based applications. It’s high time to clear the sky about this myth. Web based applications such as HR software no doubt decreases the workload but makes communication easier. It has proven to be a boon during the pandemic. A sudden lockdown with the coronavirus resulted in a huge transition from office to remote functioning. During the tough times HR software abated in securing a platform for the employees to communicate and function without working from office premises.

HR software is suitable for specific number of employees

It has been observed that many organizations resist in opting for an HR software as they believe that such web based applications are moduled for large industries and will not be compatible for a small scale organization. HR software is designed in such a way that it can support a small scale organization with 50 to 150 employees to large scale industries. It provides an option to customize the application in accordance with the requirements of the organization.


AI replacing human workforce

A major concern that raised eyebrows with installation of technological advancements is that it will decrease the human workforce eventually decreasing the rate of employment. It can be denied that technological advancements automate various activities and decrease the workload. Having said that it is equally important to feed the required data in the web based application to function and monitor the functions. A well equipped team of employees functioning on web based applications assures better results.  

Increase in expenses

Web based applications like HR software is considered as an expensive option for various organizations. In fact, an HR software could be considered as a one time investment. Purchasing an HR software might involve a huge amount of investment at the time of installation as it is combined with an installation charge and training programs. Surprisingly it increases the productivity of the organization. With a well versed and  upgraded application it saves the organization from hefty penalties and extra payout due to error. It can be summed up that these applications are a wise purchase.

Many organizations have skipped the idea of opting web based HR software due to such common myths. It is important for organizations to have adequate knowledge about HR software. As surveys have shown that organizations functioning with technological advancements have increased their productivity proving it to be a wise decision.