Free Google Tools

Improve your digital marketing campaigns. If you haven’t been updating your strategy and you’re doing the same thing you’ve been doing for years with little to no results, then it’s about time you changed. Look for professional help. Hiring a team of SEO experts is one step in the right direction. But the right team isn’t enough. Investing in tools that make the work easier for you also helps. Here are five Google tools that you’ll want to learn and start using right away. They’re free, so you won’t have to worry about spending a chunk of your budget on any of these tools. 

Google Trends 

If you’re looking for a tool that you can use whenever you do keyword research, then try out Google Trends. Use it to stay on top of the trends when it comes to your search queries. You can also use this tool to find new keywords. If you’re working together with a team of experts in online marketing in Adelaide, you can ask them to write about all the new keywords you’ll generate from this free tool. When you go to Google Trends and use the search bar, don’t forget to pay attention to the section at the bottom of the page. This is where you’ll find related topics and queries. This matter because they give you ideas for even more keywords that you can generate. 

Rising Retail Categories 

This is another free tool that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you’ve ever wondered how to determine and track trending product categories, then this tool makes it easier for you to get that data. This helps you by telling you what products or services you may want to focus on right now. You can create new product categories, or if you already have some of these products in your inventory, then dedicate more campaigns to those products. That helps you determine, too, which products aren’t popular and why you’ll need to move them out of your shelves and inventory soon. If you’ve hired the services of experts in online marketing in Adelaide, you can use this tool to help you figure out where you want those SEO experts to focus their efforts on. 

Visual Stories 

Think of this site as the place where you’ll find bite-size visual stories. It’s perfect for busy marketers who don’t want to bother with too much clutter online. The stories are typically based on trending topics right along with data from Google. That’s why it could go from anything like a holiday vacation to the case studies in certain industries or fields. You’ll get to see interactive slides too, essential data points, and insights. The insights often uncover experiences, desires, and perceptions of the target audience. This also helps you figure out what the markets are focusing on right now. Think of products or services that support what they want or like. 

Grow My Store 

More and more online companies open every day. The pandemic has driven the demand for that for the most part. Many have lost their jobs and some are starting online businesses after that. Also, because many are stuck at home with more time to open online shops. With so many e-stores, tools like Grow My Store help. If you’re trying to put up a shop, too, then you’ll want to use this tool to test your site and see if yours has the qualities of successful e-shops. It tells you the must-haves of every e-store. If you want to boost traffic to your pages and increase your conversion rates, fix your e-shop. Use this tool to give you an idea where to start. 

Test My Site 

It’s not enough that you have a site. What have you been doing to improve onsite traffic? Using this tool gets you reports on specific categories of features on your website. The categories are Personalization, Speed, and Experience. Some of what this tool can do is similar to Grow My Store. The difference is that it can test all sites and not just e-commerce pages. For instance, the first report you’ll ever get from the site is information on the speed of your site when viewed on mobile. It also gives you a list of recommendations for what you must fix if you want to improve the performance of your site and rank higher on the SERPs. With that information, you can improve your visibility. You can start clearing up the visual clutter from your site, for instance, as well as fixing your navigational and user experience. Is your site mobile-friendly? This is a good time to fix that, too.

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