There are more than thousands of baby products available in the market today. And owning a safe play area in the form of a baby play tent house for your toddlers is one of the most popular trends. While keeping up with the continuous rising of trends and buying the right product is already a difficult task for parents, baby proofing the tents is another struggle that most parents struggle with! But do not worry; here is a detailed outline of different measures that you can take to ensure maximum safety for your little ones in their new little hideouts. 

*Run multiple rounds of efficient quality check

Tents for kids these days are made of various fabrics and other materials. Choosing the right material is the first and the top necessity of baby proofing your little baby play tent house. Try to opt for tents made of cotton or polyester. Cotton has the highest preference throughout the globe as the safest choice for baby products. Since it is a natural fiber, it has the least to no harmful side effects on a baby’s tender skin. Apart from cotton, you can also rely on polyester (which can also be blended with cotton pretty well). Nevertheless, being aware of any existing allergies that your baby might have is crucial before placing your orders for any baby product online.

*Opt for lightweight frames

Babies are the epitome of curious beings, and they are going to touch just about anything that lies in front of them. Since your toddler is never going to stay put, you should try to buy lightweight frames for the tents so that even if the tent falls accidentally, the probabilities of it causing injuries to your baby are narrowed down as much as possible. Other than that, try to opt for the ones with knots and fixation points that won’t fall loose. 

*A waterproof undermat for the tent is a must

Babyproofing needs everything to be waterproof. You don’t want to keep replacing the tent every time your baby pees or accidentally drops his/her water container with the lid open. Hence, waterproof undermats are must-haves for every baby tent. They are easy to clean and provide excellent protection against liquids, urine, sweat, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. Try to opt for breathable, soft, and noiseless ones that are also safe for sensitive skin. 

*Keep sharp or hard objects away and the tent sanitized

Apart from keeping your baby play tent clean and sanitized all the time, try to keep it away from hard surfaces and sharp objects to avoid any of those accidental injuries that occur in split seconds of your absence. Surrounding or setting up the tent within inflatable boundaries like pools and walls have been proven helpful in this case.

*Soft toys and pillows all around

To ensure that your bub doesn’t get bored or unhappy, keep as many soft toys and engaging games inside the tent. Try to have some soft pillows for their unpredictable nap times.