Leaving your place for good is an exciting idea but taking all your luggage carefully to a new place is nothing more than a nightmare. Nobody is trained enough to do all things for moving smoothly without the help of others. This process becomes more tiresome if you are moving for the first time. You should consider a residential moving company that can help you in packaging to move them to the new place. 

We usually forget to place things properly but these moving companies will do their work strategically. We will have records and a list of our packed items. You have to consider all available options if you are going to hire a moving company. Most moving companies offer packing and unpacking along with transport. You can customize your service package according to your budget. Let’s have a look at the checklist you must have before moving. 

Take advice from friends:

Your friends and family are your immediate help. If you are planning to move, ask them for help and tips you should follow.  There will be friends who have experience of moving to ask them how they have done with their moving process. If they hired someone, can recommend you the best available options for local moving. That information is not enough. You can search it on google. List down all available best options. Compare them and choose one of the best for your service. You can also consider the reviews and consider them as a benchmark to make the decision. You can also check their price list to match your budget.

Choose a licensed company:

Check all the required documents of your listed international shipping companies. You will get all the information when you will check the websites of reliable movers like You can check their working track history as well. How they have served their customers and how people rate their services. You can consider all the reviews they have on their website. Try to contact the reviewer if possible and ask for their experience. If a company has more positive reviews than negative. You can trust their services. Also, ask for their insurance plan. In case of any accident or loss how they will recover it. 

Transparent rates:

Every company will charge according to the time slots, distance, and item size.  The rates may vary according to your need like if you want to work within 24 hours or it will be fine to move in 2-3 working days. This basic cost doesn’t include extra service charges like whether you want to get packaging service or not. So clearly ask for all prices and decide accordingly. Will they be providing fair rates for their services or not? Book your services a week before your move. 

Company resources:

Some companies have a contract with other transportation agencies and some have their own transport system. Make sure your chosen company has enough resources to accommodate your households. Their transport system is efficient enough to carry your luggage on time and safely. There are thousands of people who are moved daily by these companies. The chances of fraud are minimum, but still, there is probability. So check the company office and their resources are registered and they have an active license. They have verified records of their employees. Also, check your time slots matching the availability of their resources. 

Preparation for moving:

When you are done with your company selection, start preparing yourself mentally that you have to make this experience easy and hassle-free. The following tips will help you out in moving. 

The right size of boxes:

Choose the right size of boxes according to the item you are going to pack. It will save your cost, time, and space. 

Order of items:

The order of items is an important thing to consider while you are packing things. Place heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top of the box. 

Empty spaces:

Local moving companies help their customers to pack their items or at least suggest to them what to do while packing their items. So they don’t have to face any difficulty while placing them in trucks. Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes. 

Label every box:

Take sticky notes and write all the packed items in one box. Label properly all your boxes. It will save you from any trouble later. You will have no difficulty finding an item in case of emergency. 

Tape your boxes well:

Tape all your boxes well to save them from any loss. Ask for guidance from your company if you have precious items and you want extra care for them. They may provide you with special crates to pack your delicate items. 

Leave your clutter:

Don’t pack things that are not in your use. Donate them or sell them if possible. Don’t carry your clutter with you. It will only increase your cost. 

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