5 New Carpet Hacks To Keep Your Rugs Like New

The addition of a soft and plush floor covering always creates an inviting atmosphere while making your place comfortable. Talking about the soft-textured floor coverings, your mind always clicks on the idea of getting your hands on the carpets or rugs. Rugs create a stylish and modern look in any or every area of your home. Usually, people pass up making a purchase on these small floor coverings as they are easy to place and remove.

These appealing and excellent rugs can easily get worn out. As a result, knowing how to keep your rugs looking brand new even after a long period of time is essential. With that being said, we have come up with some amazing hacks which can literally help you out with keeping your rugs clean every time. That way, your living place will always look enticing and you can have an adorable home area.

Some Cool Suggestions To Make Your Rug Look Brand New

Here are some helpful tips for you which will easily lead you to have these plush floor coverings neat and clean. Applying these hacks will make you have these rugs for a longer period. Most people love to install the Best grey carpets in Dubai.

These carpets can hide stains and spills very well. But, this factor affects their durability and makes them come to the end of their lifetime quickly. Thus, it would be better if you got to know about the following hacks mentioned in this article.

1. Vacuum Your Rugs Frequently

The first and best hack to prevent the rugs from wearing out quickly is vacuuming. When you do the cleaning of your rugs on a daily basis, it will enhance their durability factor. However, getting them cleaned twice a month or once a week is fine. In order to make them run longer and look brand new, it is recommended to do a lot of vacuuming.

Cleaning your rugs properly means not forgetting the part that is under your furniture. Otherwise, that specific area will get rough and your rugs will not last long. If you do not have a vacuum, you can use a broom in order to remove all the dust and dirt particles. Hence, your rugs will keep enhancing the interior decor of your living space.

2. Re-arrange Your Furniture Items

If you have placed your furniture over the rugs, then keep re-arranging those items. Otherwise, there will be an indentation of furniture over that area of the rug and it will come to an end of its lifespan even before time. Moving your furniture items from the rugs will let you clean them properly.

You should always apply this step every one or two months. Rotating these floor coverings will result in an increment in their lifespan while adding charm to your precious living area. When you rotate the rug, they will get time to re-fluff that specific area and get it back into its original condition. That way, your rugs will not get worn out quickly, and keep emphasizing the overall look of your home area.

3. Remove the Rugs When Not In Use

It is always a good thing to do in order to keep your rugs looking like new ones. If you are not having any guests or going on some vacations, roll up your rugs so that they won’t get exposed to any sunlight. If you keep them placed in that one area, they might get the dust particles accumulated over their surface and start losing their sustainability.

Therefore, it is a lot better if you remove the rugs and place them only when you come back to your home or have some guests. Because these rugs with a brand-new look will spice up the space and make it look admirable. The removal of rugs when they are not in use will also save them from the color fading factor.

4. Keep Turning Your Rugs From Time To Time

Another good method to make your rugs look new is to turn them from time to time. If your rugs are placed in some high-traffic areas, then it is quite necessary to keep turning so that they will have equal foot traffic on both sides. This will prevent your soft floor covering from getting rough and extend its lifespan.

If you do not get them turned, they will start getting worn out from the upper side. On the other hand, keeping them flipped over, again and again, will maintain their charm and durability. Also, when the side gets dirty while being exposed to heavy foot traffic, putting its other side on the top will make it look neat and clean and lift the overall statement of your home interior.

5. Eliminate The Odor From Your Home Rugs

A rug having an odor can break the overall impression of your dearest place. There is a very simple way to get rid of that smell coming out from your lovely rugs. Sprinkle some baking soda over its surface as it is a well-known solution for such odors.

Baking soda absorbs every kind of smell, so your rug will have the look of brand new. When you feel there is no smell, do the proper vacuuming of your rug so that the baking soda can be removed completely from its surface. Otherwise, it could settle into the fibers of your soft-textured rugs and result in quick wear and tear.

To Curl Up

Finally, I would strongly suggest applying these hacks if you want to make your rug long-lasting. These ideas are perfect and could easily make your floor covering look new and adorable. With these excellent hacks, you can easily get your soft rugs clean and your living space could easily get spiced up.