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Good news! We are a few weeks away from the start of the low season in Mexico, and if you have not gone on vacation yet, take advantage of these days to put together your travel package with flights and end the year traveling, since the airlines lower their rates and you can find cheap flights in Mexico at very affordable prices.

1. WebFlightFinder

This site is dedicated to helping you find the best value flights and hotels from around the globe. We know that booking accommodation and flights online isn’t easy, but we believe it should be. Having to trawl through a hundred websites looking at a thousand ‘deals’ can be overwhelming and complicated. At the end of the day, you just want to know you’ve booked the hotel that’s right for you – at the best possible price. We saw the opportunity to do something about this. Since then we’ve been working hard to find you the best hotel deals.

2. Vivaaerobus

It is one of the best known, it flies from Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara and other main cities, with cheap direct flights to Cancun, Villahermosa, Los Cabos, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Puerto Escondido and Huatulco among others.

They do not serve food during the flights, their service is acceptable considering that they are cheap flights, but during the journey the hostesses offer drinks, soft drinks, snacks and sandwiches at reasonable prices.

As for luggage, it offers 3 different modalities depending on what your needs are and what they are:

  • Viv alight: If you only travel with hand luggage that fits in the airplane compartment (medium backpack, handbag, not exceeding 10kg in weight).
  • VivaBásico: Hand luggage of maximum 10kg and checked luggage of up to 15kg .
  • VivaPlus: 10kg hand luggage and checked luggage up to 25kg.
  • VivaSmart: It offers you 15kg in hand luggage and 25kg in checked luggage, but it offers you to check your luggage at a VIP counter so that you do not make long lines and facilities for you to board the plane before anyone else.

3. Volar is

Volar is one of the airlines with the highest demand, since it offers cheap flights to a large number of destinations in Mexico and the United States.

Like Vivaaerobus, it offers different categories depending on your needs and which are:

  • Economic and executive offer you: 2 personal items, 1 hand luggage and 1 checked bag.
  • Complete: They include 2 personal items, 1 hand luggage and 2 checked bags.

The difference between economic and executive are the additional services they offer such as change of date, change of name, etc., these details can be confirmed with the airline or travel agency at the time of making your reservation. They do not include food or drinks, but as with Vivaaerobus, they are offered to you during the flight. The choice of these packages is optional, since the minimum that your plane ticket includes is 2 personal items and a hand luggage.

4. Interjet

It currently flies to more than 40 destinations in Mexico and 9 international destinations, including Cuba, Houston, Las Vegas and Miami. It has reasonable rates considering that they are the only airline that allows you to check up to 70kg of luggage and they are cheap flights that accept pets, musical instruments and sports equipment. When you book, they offer you 3 different types of rates:

Tarifai : You are allowed 2 checked bags of up to 20kg and 1 hand luggage of 10kg, this rate does not include food or beverages.

Optimal: You can travel with 2 checked bags of up to 20kg and 1 hand luggage of 10kg, but at this rate you can choose your seat and they give you lunch.

Priority: Up to 75 kg in checked luggage (ideal if you are traveling with pets, musical instruments or sports equipment), and a 10kg hand luggage, with preferential boarding and disembarking, as well as unlimited lunch and free changes for your flights.

5. Magnicharters

Magnicharters was one of the first low-cost airlines to make themselves known in Mexico and continues to be a favorite. It handles 17 destinations, with cheap flights departing from cities such as Mexico City, Cancun, Monterrey, Acapulco, Cozumel, Chihuahua, Guadajara, Huatulco, Guadalajara, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Leon, Los Cabos, Mazatlán, Mérida, Monterrey and Puerto Vallarta.

Its rate is basic, there is no selection of seats and you have the right to transport 2 pieces of checked baggage of a maximum of 25 kilograms for domestic flights and up to 50 kg for international flights, as well as 2 pieces of hand luggage weighing no more than 7kg. According to their website, for excess luggage they charge you 75 pesos plus VAT for each kg.

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