While your WordPress theme helps to deliver a wonderful customer experience, it also captures the brand’s vibe. However, many tend to forget the SEO (Search engine marketing) aspect of it, which is a crucial part of the process.

Research engine marketing-unfriendly (or worse, bloated and sluggish) WordPress themes could be a real barrier in the intensely competitive battle to land on the highest of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

And since higher rankings can produce more organic traffic, leads, and revenue, this is one thing you want to get right.

What a search engine optimization-friendly theme is and what to consider while selecting one will be explained in this article.

Approaches for selecting a wordpress theme for SEO:

1 – Interactive theme:

Over 54 percent of all internet page views are accessed via mobile devices (excluding tablets).

The majority of smartphone customers use their phones to search for online sites, products, and related content material. Learning about a cool product is good, but you don’t wish to try it out, do you?

Optimized for search engine marketing Responsive layouts are common in WordPress themes. A responsive WordPress website will adapt to different screen widths across a wide range of mobile devices.

Then, they won’t experience a poorly optimized e-commerce webpage after clicking through.

2 – Themes that back plugins

WordPress plugins act as alternatives for customers and website owners, along with the website’s wholly potential.

As far as plugins, WooCommerce is the most popular, followed closely by Akismet and Google Analytics. You can make optimization easier with the best SEO plugins.

Buy WordPress themes that work with popular plugins, especially those that have quality picks.

In the case of W3 Tremendous Cache, it’s a plugin that’s always on because it maintains ideal web page velocity.

3 – clear code theme

The same is true for WordPress themes as well.

Because of their clean coding, their best WordPress themes for SEO are safer and more reliable.

SEO and clean coding go hand in hand. Because WordPress themes with clear code increase loading speed and Search engine optimization ranking of the web page.

For instance, an optimized theme with clear code accelerates updating for crucial components of SEO such as meta tags, titles, and headers. This allows search engines like Google to do the following:

  • Tag to be displayed shortly.
  • Crawl your website.

You can use Theme Verify to check the code of your selected WordPress theme and check if it adheres to the WordPress coding guidelines.

Only one thing matters:

  • Install your theme on WordPress and you’re good to go.
  • Install and activate the Theme Verify plugin on your WordPress site.
  • From the record, select Theme Verify.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the theme.
  • To verify, click the Verify it button below!

4 – theme capabilities

The popular desktop and mobile browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Not all are necessary, but your theme should work on popular browsers.

All modern browsers are back by an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, be simple for clients to find and share your content, from any browser.

Verify model compatibility for supporting a variety of browsers. Not everyone uses the newest browser model, which is a shame. Delay in updates is often because of the operating system.

5 – themes that handle a pool of traffic

Customers’ attention spans are short, and they make decisions very quickly. If loading takes time, people lose interest. Web page speed is crucial for SEO.

Speeding up a website’s loading time is a significant benefit. According to a Deloitte Digital and Google study, cutting load time by 0.1s increased conversions by 8 percent on e-commerce websites.

An inexpensive theme with numerous features, like customizable widgets or Google Fonts, can be enticing. However, if you don’t use these features, they’ll slow down your website.

You’ll want a WordPress theme that’s swift, lightweight, and configurable, with only the options you need to get the job completed. SEO-optimized themes allow you to disable features you don’t use as a substitute for the default themes.

Sometimes you seek to add templates instead of a theme. It’s a surety thought that hits individual minds. There are several platforms where you pluck the templates to make your interface look perfect. Also, you can buy wordpress templates from the wordpress website at minimal cost or some for free.

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