Do you operate a farm? Then you’ll want to use high-resolution aerial imagery to keep tabs on your crops. From a perspective from above, you can track anything from crop damage to yield projections.

Read on to learn 5 reasons it’s important to use aerial imaging for agriculture!

1. Turn to Drones for High Resolution Aerial Imagery

With drones, you’ll be able to capture quality images that can show you changes in your crops. Drones can connect with apps, too, to make accessing the visuals and data easy.

You can even buy satellite imagery for a broader picture of a big area. Better yet, you can compare current images with those from years prior to assess changes in the landscape.

2. Map Planting Dates More Effectively

Whether you’re planting soybeans or corn, you’ll be able to use aerial imagery maps to your advantage. For instance, sensors can determine how effective the land is for the type of crop.

You can track weather patterns, too, to ensure that you’re not planting seeds right before a cold snap or violent storm. Many aerial imagery companies provide platforms where you can track measurements and data. With a user-friendly dashboard, these services can help even the savviest farmer get a better perspective.

3. Aerial Imaging Can Help Assess Crop Damage

When bad summer weather rumbles through the area, it can take a toll on your crops. Aerial imagery companies can help you track the impact on your crops.

With aerial imagery, you can use sensors and data to measure rainfall and wind. With more data, you’ll be able to assess storm frequency — and take better precautions. For instance, you might need to choose a more resilient crop or time your irrigation differently to avoid flooding.

4. Choose from Different Aerial Imagery Sources

You can find high resolution aerial imagery that fits your budget. Fixed wing drones can be pricier, and they’ll require a little more time to master. Quadcopter drones, on the other hand, are cheaper and easily connect with apps.

For the most budget-friendly aerial imagery, go with satellite images. Or images taken from an aircraft provide another inexpensive alternative. The downside to both is that you may have to wait longer for the images.

5. Estimate Yields Before Harvest

Do you want to know what you should be expecting down the road during harvest? With the right technology, you can get measure progress and anticipate your yield.

You’ll gain a more efficient farm and the ability to determine planting rotations more easily. And you can plan accordingly for storage needs. Learn more about how the right technology can let you achieve precision farming. Learn more And you can also visit here. For more information click here.

Use Aerial Imagery to Your Advantage

With aerial imaging, you can enhance your agriculture operation. You’ll be able to track trends in growth so you can build better strategies for the following growing season. And you can scale up your aerial imagery as your budget allows.

For more tips to improve your business, check back for fresh and informative articles.