Weed isn’t something that most people think of as a food. That’s understandable since smoking remains the most popular way of consuming weed. But it’s not the only way.

Edibles are one of the best ways to get high. And there’s a lot more variety when it comes to edibles than you’d think.

Here are five reasons weed should be on your menu.

  1. It’s Fun

Let’s face it. The fun factor is the main reason for using weed.

Everyone deserves a bit of fun in their life. Weed is a perfectly safe and responsible way of having some fun. As long as it’s consumed responsibly, there are no downsides to smoking weed.

Eating weed gives you the same type of high that smoking does. Most people think that edibles aren’t as strong as joints. That’s not necessarily the case.

In fact, edibles can be stronger than joints.

It just depends on how much weed you use and the strain.

Personal factors also affect how strong the high is. You might have a higher tolerance and need to use more weed. Or you might be very sensitive to cannabis and can only handle small amounts.

The important thing is that you have fun.

  1. It’s Delicious

Edibles can easily be incorporated into a fine dining menu.

Dessert is where edibles really shine. There are so many delicious sweets you can bake with weed. Brownies and cookies are just the beginning.

Here is a guide to edibles if you need ideas.

You can easily throw some weed into a pie, cake, or even butter!

Cannabutter is the newest and coolest trend when it comes to edibles. It’s basically just butter with infused weed. That makes it extremely versatile.

You can easily spread cannabutter on bread. Or you can bake it into a brownie or muffin. After all, everything’s better with butter.

With a bit of practice, anyone can bake delicious edibles.

If you’re new to baking, it’s best to practice before experimenting with edibles. Make sure you know how to bake a regular brownie before making space brownies. And practice when you aren’t already high.

Just pick your favorite recipe and try tossing in some weed. You know what you like better than anyone else.

There’s no reason your favorite recipe can’t be turned into a fun one.

  1. It’s Easy to Consume

Edibles are extremely practical.

They are easy to transport. You don’t have to worry about them looking suspicious. On the outside, you won’t notice the difference.

Since edibles look just like normal baked goods, you should label them.

Not everyone at the party is going to want to be eating edibles. You should let them know what they are eating. Otherwise, you might get in trouble.

Another reason to eat edibles is that they are easy for you to process.

Smoking isn’t good for your lungs. When you eat edibles, it might take longer for the weed to get into your system. That isn’t a bad thing.

It’s a more natural way of consuming cannabis.

  1. It’s Versatile

Weed can be put in almost everything.

Baked goods and edibles are actually just the beginning. It can easily be incorporated into any type of diet. Whether you’re gluten-free or paleo, there is an edible recipe out there for you.

Healthy sweets like these can be turned into edibles in no time.

Other cannabis-related products can also be used if you don’t want to get high. These products are extremely healthy.

Hemp flour, oil, and protein powder are easy to use and not hard to find.

  1. It’s Healthy

Cannabis is good for you.

In fact, it’s considered by many to be the world’s oldest medicine!

Even the ancient Egyptians were cultivating cannabis. It’s proven the test of time. Modern medicines are relatively new and untested.

Cannabis consumption has been proved to correlate to healthier hearts. It’s also possible that marijuana reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It’s been proven that cannabis can treat neurological disorders. Seizures can be treated with marijuana.

There are no negative side effects associated with cannabis consumption.


Legislation surrounding edibles is loosening. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try them. You won’t know if you like it until you try.