Inverters are a must in every home and office. That’s because power outages not just hampers work but it also adds to the discomfort, especially during the summer season. To deal with the problems of power cuts, it is important to have a reliable power backup. Having said that, those who already have an inverter at their homes and offices must also ensure that their inverters are running fine and they don’t ditch at the last moment. To help, in this post, we are listing a few important signs that indicate you need to replace your existing inverter with a battery combo. 

  1. Your inverter battery is not getting charged.

Battery not getting charged is one of the most common issues that people face. The problem could be with the battery or with the inverter that’s charging it. Schedule a technician visit to have the inverter battery checked. In case the battery is dead or the inverter has gone bad, and is beyond the scope of repair then you might want to consider replacing your existing inverter battery combo. 

  1. Your load requirement has increased.

As time passes, people tend to add new appliances, electrical devices, and other electronics that lead to an increase in load requirement. When the load requirement surpasses the current inverter battery output capacity, one has no other option but to upgrade to a new inverter battery combo with a higher output. The two most important factors when determining the output capacity of your inverter battery combo are – VA Rating and Battery Capacity.

  1. Your batteries require frequent maintenance.

If your battery needs frequent maintenance or water top-ups, chances are that your battery is nearing it fag end. Have the battery serviced at the battery center to check if the issue is resolved. If the issue is still not resolved then it’s a sign that you need to upgrade your inverter battery. Consider buying a battery from a reputable brand like Luminous India as they offer generous warranties and competitive prices on their products. 

  1. You are not getting good customer service.

Your inverter is one of the most important appliances in your home. In fact, the whole purpose of installing an inverter goes to waste if the inverter doesn’t work when it’s most needed. And although one can’t guarantee that an inverter would not breakdown, the least a company can do is ensure a good after-sales support so that in case there’s an emergency, the issue is resolved ASAP. But if you aren’t getting good customer service then you must consider replacing your inverter battery combo. 

  1. Your inverter keeps beeping intermittently.

If your inverter is beeping continuously or at random intervals then you must get it checked by a professional. Some of the most common causes of an inverter beeping include – low battery, capacity overload, inverter failed self-test, low voltage. Most of these issues can be resolved. But in case, the issue persists then you might want to consider replacing your existing inverter with a new one. 

Last Word 

If you are facing an issue with your inverter and you haven’t been able to get it fixed despite all efforts then you must consider replacing your inverter battery. We suggest that you buy your new inverter battery combo from Luminous India, one of the most trusted names in the power solutions space. The company has a wide network of more than 100 company service centers and nearly 190 authorized service points, assuring customers of best-in-class customer service.