As soon as the holiday season approaches, new trends in the world of swimsuits for women appear and impress with their beauty. Most trends are no longer flashy or shocking. In the 2023 season, designers focused on practicality and convenience for every woman, regardless of body type or clothing size. So, feel free to visit the Lascana store and choose fashionable and comfortable bathing suits for women.

What will the beauties wear this season?

Designers were not unanimous this season, so there were so many fashionable solutions that it is easy to get lost in them. Let’s highlight the key features of the fashionable swimsuit 2023. However, remember that the main rule is your comfort and self-confidence. If what you are wearing perfectly fits your figure, suits you, and you like it — this is a great choice, regardless of the trends.


Conciseness and minimalism became the basis of both lingerie and beachwear collections. Classic women’s bathing suits with plain bikinis, triangular tops, thin ties, and neat shorts — all these things have become popular. 


Women’s swimsuits in neon colors are becoming trendy. Orange, pink, and electric colors are especially popular. But keep in mind that neon shades go best with tanned skin, so keep them until the last days of your vacation.

Boho style: beads, ties, and fringes

Boho does not seem to disappear from the fashion radar. The boho aesthetic is manifested not only in fringes but also in elements such as raw edges, patches, and patchwork.

Romantic retro

Carefree times always want to return and live again, so vintage swimsuits with classic tops with ties, bikinis, and high-waisted shorts are back in fashion. Romantic pin-up style models will make your beach look attractive and special.

A few more trends for the bathing season, 2023

In addition to the key trends mentioned above, there are a few more features of fashionable beach looks. In fashion this season:

  • Jungle prints;
  • Leopard and jaguar prints;
  • Black bikini;
  • V-shaped bikini with strapless tops;
  • Tie-Dye Bikini;
  • Tops with buff sleeves.

Aren’t you sure that some swimsuit models will be quite a fashionable solution? Just go to the Lascana website and choose what you like. The fact that it will match with trends is guaranteed.