5 Things Very Few Know About Setting up A Business in Dubai

It’s a very exciting time to be starting a business in Dubai. With the recent economic boom and the opening of so many new businesses, it can be tempting to start your own company in Dubai. However, before you do this there are some things that you should know about how it is done here. Here are five important facts about business setup in Dubai:

1) Setting up a company takes less than one week

2) The government provides assistance for translation services and legal advice

3) All companies must have at least two directors   

4) You can operate under an offshore company registration number if desired

5) There are no restrictions on working hours or days of operation

Setting up the business

Starting up a business is hard, but the prospect of doing it overseas can be even more daunting. If you’ve already dared to dream about setting up your own company in Dubai or anywhere else for that matter – good news!

How to Choose the Best Free Zone for Setting Up A Business in Dubai

Difficulties persist when starting an international business because there are so many different regulatory requirements and processes required by each country’s government agencies. What will happen if one doesn’t know which regulations apply? You may have registered as an LLC in Delaware only for UAE authorities to insist on profit-sharing agreements between shareholders, VAT filing periods every 6 months instead of annually like they do in Europe; not knowing these differences could cost time and money while keeping businesses from finalizing their registration with local governments quickly enough before opening doors at all.

Study the competition

To make your first foreign pasture an enjoyable one, you must do your homework and research the competition. Reviewing companies in similar fields will help give a sense of what’s possible for new ventures abroad. It is also important to learn from failures so that they don’t happen again!

Consider the infrastructure

Before starting your own company in a new land, you must explore the infrastructure. For example, if setting up a business in Dubai it is important to check infrastructural factors like internet speed and transportation facilities available before investing time or money into this venture.

Consider free zones

Purchasing a company in Dubai is different from purchasing one in Dubai. You will need to be more careful when going through the process if you are not familiar with how they work and what their rules are because each country has its own set of regulations, procedures, and processes for acquiring free zones.

Hire agents

You see, it’s not easy to form a business abroad. You might get lost in the process and make mistakes that could cost you dearly down the line. That is why I recommend hiring an agent who can guide you through every step of company formation for your new venture UAE-based or otherwise – they have all sorts of experts just waiting to help out with any part of your startup journey!


Dubai is the perfect place to set up a business because of low taxes, easy access to resources, and opportunities for success. Whether you’re starting your own company or looking for employment there are plenty of opportunities in this city. The Dubai government has been very supportive of new businesses and their efforts have paid off with an economic boom that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There’s never been a better time than now to start your own business in Dubai! -There are many regulations when it comes to opening a company here so be sure you understand what they are before going ahead with any plans on setting up shop. You’ll need the correct permits from both local authorities as well as licenses if required by law at all stages in the process including.

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