Counselling Services In Singapore

The busy lifestyle of the people living in Singapore has contributed to the growth of the country’s high economy. But there has also been a negative side to this. More and more people in Singapore are getting into the grips of mental health issues. Problems such as depression and anxiety disorder have become quite common in Singapore.

To deal with these issues, many people visit counselling services in Singapore. But for many people, counselling does not turn out to be as it is, in both positive and negative connotations. There are certain things you wish you knew in the beginning before you went for the counselling session. Some of these things are as follows:

1.  Not be Judged

Many people who visit counselling services in Singapore fear that they might be judged by the counsellor. It is this fear that does not let them speak out about the things that are bothering them. In some cases, people avoid visiting a counsellor altogether for fear of revealing their weak side.

Many people are experiencing mental and emotional stress. Experts urge everyone to seek the help they need. Visit here to know more facts about mental health.

But rest assured, the task of the counsellor is to understand you, not to judge you. A counsellor understands the complexity of an individual’s situation, and they do not impose their verdict on a person’s character. A perfect analogy to this would be a physician. you can check at RISE PSYCHOLOGY HUB for the better consultant

Just like a physician does not judge you for your illness but tries to cure you, in a similar manner, a counsellor strives to improve your mental health. Many people in Singapore have benefited significantly from visiting a counsellor. If you knew this beforehand, you could have reached your recovery more quickly.  

2.  Not All Problems are Answered

While the counselling services in Singapore can help you overcome your anxiety disorder, you should not treat your sessions as a quest. The task of a counsellor is to understand your problem rather than answering them.

This is because most of the problems you might be having may not have an answer, but that is not how you can be cured. The solution to your problems is hidden in the right approach to these problems rather than getting them answered.

So if you went into the counselling sessions thinking that you will be able to get answers to all problems that are bothering you, then this is not how it is done. The main goal is to get rid of anything that is troubling you, and this is where counselling steps in.

3. There’s Task for You As Well

If you walked into any counselling services in Singapore thinking that everything will be taken care of by the therapist, then think again. As you already know, the therapist will ask you to do certain homework before you come to the next session.

This might be a setback for many people who thought therapy was limited to counselling sessions only. Believe it or not, therapy is half counselling sessions and half what you take away from it and practise on a regular day.

But do not let this bother you, have patience, and gradually things will set right. Initially, things might seem a bit difficult, but gradually you will get through it. 

4. It takes time

Most people opt for counselling services in Singapore, thinking that they can get over their anxiety disorder in a matter of days. While you will certainly get some relief with the counselling sessions initially, it will require some time for the major effect to take place.

Many people leave sessions since no significant changes can be witnessed. And this is where the problem gets triggered. You should give time to your mental health issues. Gradually, things will start to fall into place. Hence, patience is the key factor. Give at least a few months before you can finally make a call if the therapy is effective or not.

It needs time for a therapy session to be effective

5. You Can’t Be Friends with the therapist

Long and elaborate sessions with the therapist during counselling services in Singapore can get you quite comfortable with the therapist. But if your approach was such that it would get you in friendship with the therapist, that is not the case.

A therapist is not meant to be friends with you for the obvious reason that they need to have an objective perception of your case. A friend can easily become subjective and might fall into the emotional trap of friendship. For a therapist, this is something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Hence, it would be best if you dropped the idea of being in friendship with your therapist or counsellor. Feel free to communicate, and that is all that will be needed to get you going.

Knowledge about counselling services in Singapore is gradually making its way into the minds of the people. But there are still many people who approach the sessions with misinformation or wrong perception. With these five points in mind, you will have no false expectations or hopes from your therapist.   

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