Pre-employment background

Pre-employment background checks are worth every single dollar and every moment of time they take to complete; if you’ve ever had to bear the high costs of a bad hire, you already know this is true. But, today’s labor market is…tight. You can’t afford to skip background checks, and you can’t afford to have an awkward, sluggish process. It’s tough to find good talent, and it’s all too easy to lose them to a competitor if your application and screening process is too cumbersome or slow. Here are five ways to simplify and expedite background screening to help you find and onboard the very best people you can find.

ATS Integrations

 Once you get your existing ATS integrated with your background check provider, life gets so much easier. You can place orders and check the status all in one place. Data only needs to be entered one time. Candidates get links and prompts to complete their paperwork and can track the status of their background check including social media screener. And all this happens in an ATS integration. 

Audit Your Process

Go through your existing application and background check process yourself. There’s no better way to identify potential improvements than to take the current process for a spin and see how it goes. If it’s frustrating for you, it’s going to be just as frustrating for your candidates. Remember, this is the first experience applicants have with your organization; put your best foot forward from the start with a friendly, intuitive system.

Use One Background Check Vendor

Find one accredited vendor to provide all your background screening needs, including drug tests, health screens, global checks, and more. Your partner should provide a one-stop shop for all your background checks. Managing multiple vendors is not worth the hassle.

Eliminate Paper

Paper slows things down. A paper chain is always going to be less efficient than a digital one. It’s also more vulnerable to errors, lost forms, and other endless headaches. Put all your forms online, collect digital signatures, and make the whole thing mobile-friendly so folks can use the system from any device.

Automate Adverse Actions

Background screening adverse actions are triggered when information uncovered during a background check results in “adverse actions,” such as an employment offer being rescinded or employment being terminated. The law requires employers to take very specific steps prior to taking an adverse action based on a background check, steps that are tedious and slow but that must also be done exactly how the law prescribes. Automated workflows and the help of your experienced background check agency will make the adverse action process smooth, efficient, and fully compliant.

Talk to your background check provider today for more tips on expediting your background check process.