Real estate has drastically transformed over the years because of the internet. The internet has made the whole process very easy and simple. You can view thousands of buildings and houses with just one click without even leaving the comfort of home. However, nothing can replace the physical viewing of an apartment, but using the internet helps you get an overview and makes the process very manageable. To make an impressive online presence, you need to opt for reliable web hosting considering all the vital hosting features. Navicosoft is well known for providing the best web hosting services.

Since the real estate industry is becoming more digital, developers, owners, and agents have started to take advantage of sites to showcase the properties. Having a website and a reliable web hosting service should be a crucial part of your profession. Here are a few vital hosting features you will need to analyze before finalizing one.

Important Features for Real Estate Web Hosting:


You will be putting several images of your property each day. If you are a popular real estate agent with hundreds of pictures on a daily basis, storage will be utilized quickly. A heavy image website with insufficient web hosting will cause the website to load extremely slow.

Many types of research show that people don’t wait for a slow page to load. If a website takes more than two seconds to load, there are high chances of bounce rates. Hence you can lose your potential customers. Large and high-quality images take even more space. Therefore before signing up with a hosting web hosting company, make sure you consider the number of pictures and videos you will have on your website.


Most web hosting providers offer you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. It is better if you get one that provides a guarantee of 99.94% and above. The higher the uptime, the fewer chances of your website going down. If your host promises you an uptime of 99.9%, you can assume a downtime of 45 minutes per month. Conversely, if you select a web hosting that offers 99.99% uptime, your downtime will be just 4 minutes per month.

Various web hosting companies offer high server availability, security management, and DDOS protection. They also give you controlled backups, which indicates that you will be facing minimal downtime. The more time your site is down, the fewer people access your website to know more about your business.


Those who want to add pictures, videos, or other related media and have more traffic on their website should consider a hosting web hosting services  provider who can scale up according to your needs. Hence, selecting a web hosting provider is a great task.

Responsive Customer Service

One of the vital hosting features includes that whether the web hosting company is responsive and quick to assist you with all types of issues. You definitely need a host who is available 24/7 via email, phone, and chat. Even if your website goes down, you don’t have to chase your provider to resolve your issue.

Website Builders

If you are anxious that you don’t have the essential skills to make a great website to showcase your property, then a website builder is your answer! Website builders save all your effort to help you create a stunning website without you knowing any coding. These days, many web hosting companies use tons of templates for you to choose from. Hence, you can find the one that accommodates your needs.

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