Asbestos Consulting

Asbestos is a highly hazardous substance for health. Often found in construction materials and paints, asbestos has been officially banned in many parts of the world. Despite its illegal nature of use, it still remains a serious risk to health because of its prior presence in many buildings. In older buildings especially, asbestos is present due to insulation, flooring and roofing. An exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health hazards. Even the small amount of asbestos exposure is detrimental for health as initially the symptoms are not visible. If the small fibers of asbestos are inhaled, they can reside in lungs for a long period of time and may cause inflammation and other respiratory problems such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. This article discusses 5 warnings signs of asbestos exposure which can indicate an asbestos-related disease, and the need for asbestos consulting on an urgent basis.

1. Shortness of Breath

One of the major health hazard caused by asbestos is lungs related disease known as asbestosis. The reason for asbestosis lies in inhaling of asbestos fibers, which can lead to formation of scar tissues in your lungs. Due to the formation of scar tissues, the patient suffers from difficulty in breathing and also shortness of breath. This is the first symptom of an asbestos related illness, and an alarm to seek asbestos consulting.

2. Swollen Fingertips

The most widely known symptom of asbestos-related disease is swollen fingertips. Found in almost half of the cases, this is also known as clubbing. A few indicators of clubbing include broader and rounder appearance of fingertips. If anyone sees an abnormal appearance in fingertips, get an asbestos survey without any delay and seek asbestos consulting.

3. Fatigue

There can be many reasons for fatigue. However, if the fatigue is coupled with shortness of breath and swollen fingertips, that is a sure sign of asbestos-related disease. Do not oversee extreme tiredness as it can be an indicator to a grave health problem. To be certain about asbestos related health hazard, such as mesothelioma or lung cancer, book an asbestos consulting and survey.

4. Wheezing

An inflammation in the lungs often causes wheezing i-e a whistling sound. This is more pronounced during taking a deep breath. If you don’t smoke, and yet experience wheezing, it is an alarm to seek asbestos consulting. A prolonged exposure to asbestos, or a short exposure to intense asbestos containing surrounding can lead to such symptoms.

5. Persistent Dry Cough

The effects of asbestos related disease can remain invisible and undetectable for many years after the exposure. However, a persistent dry cough can be symptom of a possible asbestos-related condition. Even 40 years after initial contact, People can develop a persistent cough even after decades of initial contact with asbestos. This is because the asbestos exposure has lead to formation of scar tissue in the lungs over time.


Many workers, who work in shipyards, with aircraft and automobiles, can be at risk of asbestos exposure other than professionals such as miners, construction tradesmen, electricians and railroad workers. Even the people who work in office buildings and warehouses, or any construction which was erected a long time back, can be at the risk of developing asbestos-related disease.

Whether one has developed visible symptoms or not, working in an old building is a sufficient reason for asbestos consulting and survey because quite often the symptoms remain invisible whereas the disease has taken its roots already. Hence, in order to protect employees from potentially life threatening conditions, get professional consulting from a reputable facility like Acc Enc. To get a consultation booking visit our website or get in touch with us today.


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