Remote work

When your company goes with remote hiring, a new dimension of the talented pool become visible. You become able to bridge the gap that is not possible to fill with relying on local talent. Without relocating, it is a significant benefit to pursue the desired job without considering geographical location constraints. Companies hiring option gets expand – they get access to the bigger talent pool to search for the perfect fit.

But on the contrary, hiring the finest remote resource involves many challenges, specifically in maintaining fairness. To overcome this, the article will discuss the criteria for hiring remote employees to ensure a fair recruitment process. We will talk about the five vital steps that make your selection process honest and unbiased.

  1. Keeping Everything as Simple as Possible

The primary objective of any recruitment process is finding and hiring the candidate fit for the job description. It is the end goal every recruiter wants to achieve. While making a decision, factors like gender, religion, race, age, and ethnicity should not influence the recruiter’s decision in any way.

Start analyzing the skills you need to get the work done. It is the first building block of the entire process. With relevant information, you can develop the appropriate job description and post. Being clear about the requirements in the early steps is crucial as it saves time in the further recruiting process. Also, with that, you only attract the candidates suited for the opening.

  1. Create Comprehensive Job-Opening Ad

Without intentions, companies sometimes promote gender in their job postings. And this gender biases provokes candidate’s emotions and hurts their sentiments badly.

Practice fair hiring by ensuring the use of language, explaining the job description clearly. Avoid using ambiguous sentences and use tools like Gender Decoder to develop a job ad. Do not forget to add Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statement.

If you are not familiar with the job descriptions that are not gender-oriented and unbiased, take a peek at some of the following examples:

Instead of mentioning a gender, use ‘person’ instead. Like ‘salesperson’ in contrast to ‘salesman.’

Call your team ‘people,’ ‘folks’ instead of calling them ‘guys.’ It will help keep the neutral gender among teammates.

Replace ‘maternity’ with ‘parenthood’ as it is not solely the responsibility of women to raise kids.

Be cautious with words, influencing feminine and masculine connotations. Analytical, strong, and drive are the words that reflect the male origin while understanding, supporting, and sharing are more female-oriented. Consider these words to include in your job post to sound more neutral.

Look out to the other factors and eliminate the discrimination on any basis like race, age, religion, disability, or ethnicity.

  1. Use Objective Pre-Employment Assessment

While hiring remotely, a pre-employment test is a typical practice in the recruiting process. Known names like Burger King, Walmart, Siemens, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus practice this pre-employment assessment, as well as specialized ability tests for recruitment, in their hiring model. It is a tool that lets the recruiter learn about the candidate.

As we are dealing with remote hiring here, all the assessments will take place online. Many companies during the covid period made everything online to ensure social distancing. Candidates appear in the examination via email access or from the company’s official website.

Make the hiring process fair and justifiable by ensuring the rational assessment for the response. Meet these vital requirements while practicing the pre-employment assessment:

Construct Validity: Is the assessment enough to determine significant traits?

Content Validity: Does the content included in the test represent the activities involved in a job?

Criterion Validity: is it capable enough to anticipate what it is supposed to predict in actuality?

Face Validity: An applicant should be able to understand what assessment is going to test.

The term ‘fail’ and ‘pass’ comes with the pre-employment assessment. Enterprises seek individuals who embrace their office culture and organizational hierarchy.

  1. Design a Balanced Field for Playing

Interviewing an applicant is the foundation of the remote hiring process for any organization. So, to make everything fair and apparent, the interviewer’s set of questions should be the same for all candidates. However, follow-up questions depend upon the candidate’s response and can differ for each.

A method to examine an applicant’s skills in a fair manner becomes possible by designing the questions aligned with general areas, including communication skills, interpersonal aspects, and work experience. It is one of the straightforward methods to determine whether the resource is a fit company looking for or not.

Including more than one manager or employee in the process also make several things easy. When multiple people are involved, many opinions occur for a single applicant as everyone is determining things from their perspectives.

  1. Using AI to Detect Facial Expression

Hiring a devoted and dedicated remote team member is the want of every recruiter. Versatility is the factor recruiter look at in their every hire. In the process, facial detection can allow recruiting professionals to make better decisions, ultimately creating a better remote team. The biometric markers get in use in detecting facial expressions to analyze the human face and read emotions. It works on the six universal expressions common in everyone: surprise, fear, anger, happy, sad, and disgust. These emotions are vital for assessing interpersonal communication as they reveal information more than the words the candidate speaks. Facial detection algorithms work on images and videos and extract emotional details. In this way, the interviewer does not have to rely solely on words which may create biases.

  1. Provide Training to Interviewers (Bonus)

To validate whether the interviewer is fair in their hiring and selection process, the first thing you can do is provide training to them. Tell them about diversity, interview skills, employment law, bias, and inclusion. Make sure that they never practice any activity that is unfair to the candidate or organization policy. Suppose if you seek to hire remote developers, in that case, you first need information regarding the applicant. After gathering all the relevant details, follow the script if you prepared one or focus on the role for which you are hiring. Also, avoid probing that is not relevant and considered illegal.

The remedy to follow does not to ask questions not related to the job position. Only stick to those relevant to the role.

Taking notes throughout the interview process is what interviewers also learn in training. The officials of the company maintain all these recorded notes and preserve them in a safe place.

They work as evidence, witnessing that you are fair in the hiring process.

Wrapping Up

With the right tools and strategy, hiring remote resources is straightforward and uncomplicated. Even after the ease of a pandemic, several employees prefer to work remotely throughout their career in the post-pandemic world. It states that there will be a bigger pool of remote resources in the future.

When you follow a well-defined strategy in your selection process, whether you hire remote developers, engineers, or any other resource, you will not face a hard time in your recruitment journey. The right tools will allow you to assess the resource skills at the very beginning of the process.

In the end, adhere to these five steps to ensure a smooth remote hiring journey with fairness and equality.

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