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If you’re feeling a little out of sorts lately, it might be because your friends are the best medicine. The more you laugh with them, the happier you’ll be.

It’s all about friends and family, who will always be there for you. They can cheer you up when you’re down and make your life a whole lot better. You’ll find that the more time you spend with your fabulous friends, the happier you’ll become. Here are five reasons why laughter really is the key to happiness.

That’s why we’ve rounded up five ways to make your friends laugh, and why they’ll love you for it.

Be goofy.

Being goofy is a way to make friends and have fun. It’s contagious, it breaks the ice, and it can help you connect with other people.

When you’re around someone who is silly or playful, they are more likely to feel comfortable opening up to you because they know there won’t be any judgmental looks or judgments in response. They don’t have to worry about being embarrassed if something funny happens; instead, they know that whatever happens will be laughed at by everyone else in the room too.

Listen to them and let go of your ego.

When you’re a good friend, you listen. You do this because you want to learn what your friends are thinking and feeling. You want to understand the world through their perspective, even if they don’t always agree with yours. 

And when they’re upset, it’s easy to forget that listening is not just something we do when we’re talking; it’s also something we do when others talk.

Listening means not criticizing, judging or interrupting them as soon as they start talking about how much their boss sucks at giving feedback (or whatever else is going on in their lives). It means not being defensive about whatever issue might come up between the two of you or anyone else in the group. 

It means not being afraid to ask questions so that everyone can gain clarity around an issue or problem, and sometimes simply because it makes for an interesting conversation (“I wonder why there are so many deer on our street?”). Most importantly: Being a good listener requires patience and empathy, two things that build trust among people who care about each other deeply enough for such conversations even exist in the first place.

Tell a story with different voices or characters (just remember to take turns.).

Here’s a fun, easy way to make your friends laugh: tell stories with different voices or characters. This can be done by taking turns telling the story, one friend takes on the role of character A, another takes on character B, and so on, or it can be done as one person narrates while all their friends play along. It’s also important that everyone involved share in this activity; don’t be afraid to be silly and make mistakes.

You may even want to create a theme for your storytelling session, such as having everyone pick out a different animal or thing they want the other people around them to act like during the session (e.g., “I want you all to act like puppies/kittens”). If this sounds too complicated for your group of friends at first then try telling an existing story (like The Three Little Pigs) with different voices until things feel more natural for everyone involved.

Join in on the fun.

There’s no better way to get your friends laughing than by joining in on the fun. Be open to new experiences, willing to try new things, and also be willing to laugh at yourself. Laughing at others is great too. And even laughing at the world or the universe will do just fine too, who knows? You might just discover something funny about it that you didn’t know before.

Make fun of yourself and laugh at your mistakes.

One of the best ways to make friends laugh is to be self-deprecating. This doesn’t mean you should put yourself down, but that you can laugh at your mistakes and goofs.

It’s not about being overly hard on yourself, it’s about being able to recognize that everyone makes mistakes and having the ability to laugh at them.

Even if someone else has done a better job than you, don’t get too caught up in it: instead, be quick to call out their mistake and quickly move on with the conversation.

Your friends want you to be happy, and you want that for them, too.

You know that your friends want you to be happy, and you want that for them, too. You can make your friends laugh, and it will make them feel good.

When you start making people laugh by telling jokes or doing funny things, they’ll feel happier and more comfortable around you. They’ll think of you as a fun person who makes life better.

Well, Making your friends laugh is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Laughter is a universal language and an effective way to connect with the people around you. Plus, it’s free. The next time you want to put a smile on someone’s face, try out one of these tips. We promise they’ll thank you for it later.