According to figures provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), highest number of online frauds in India are reported in the category of debit/credit card frauds. Within a period of 92 days i.e. from October 2019 to December 2019, the criminals were able to make approximately Rs. 128 Crore through debit/credit and internet frauds. These numbers show the alarming rate at which internet frauds have increased and this implies that it can happen to anyone. 

Also, there can be chances that you lose your wallet and in both these cases, the situation can worsen if you loose substantial amount of money and other important documents. In times like these Bajaj Finserv- Wallet Care Plan can save you from a lot of trouble.  It covers for any financial losses caused due to theft, fraud, or loss of wallet. 

The card protection policy by Bajaj Finserv offers you ample of coverage at an affordable fee which helps you keep your money safe without any external burden. Other than providing the much-needed cover in case of credit/debit card loss, the card protection plan provides several additional benefits listed below:

  1. Block all your payments with one phone call: In case you lose your wallet or notice certain fraudulent or illegal activities through your card, you can immediately report the issue on the Bajaj Finserv toll-free number that will block all your credit and debit cards in just one phone call. This service is available 24×7 and you do not need to visit every single bank to get your card blocked. It is your one stop solution during the time of need. 
  2. Travel assistance: In case you lose your cards while on a trip, with the card protection plan you can avail support for your immediate needs like covering payments for hotel stays, replacement of tickets and provide emergency cash. Hence, with this wallet insurance you can never be stranded and would not have to seek help from anyone even in the worst situations. 
  3. PAN card replacement: The card protection policy is not just applicable for credit/debit card losses/theft/fraud, but it also covers for any loss of important documents like PAN card. Under the policy cover you will be provided free replacement of your PAN card. 
  4. Mobile SIM blocking: Wallet care also encloses guidelines for providing SIM blocking services, if needed. Additionally, it also provides the added benefit of SIM and IMEI registration. Therefore, you do not need to feel anxious about your security issues in case you have the card insurance policy with you. 
  5. Fraud Protection: Phishing, tele-phishing, PIN-based frauds are a common occurrence, and it is important that you are insured against any loses incurred due to such activities. Under the wallet protection policy, you can avail extensive cover for any financial loss as a result of such fraudulent activities. The coverage can vary from anything between Rs. 1 lakh- Rs. 2 lakh based on your policy.  
  6. Saves you from anxiety and uncertainty: The best benefit of this plan is that it provides you the much-needed peace of mind in situations like these. Imagine you are stuck in a situation where you have lost your wallet or you have become a victim of online fraud, but you know you have it covered under your insurance plan. It would help you feel at ease and the idea that you can avail help immediately is where you would appreciate having a card insurance policy in place. 

With so much to offer, wallet/card protection policy is a must for everyone but specially for those who often lose their belongings. It is always a good idea to have a Plan B for unfortunate situations. And your card insurance is your best plan which already has every problem covered for you.