Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss can and cannot be a cosmetic concern. The conversations change when it is no longer a social bias but rather a medical issue. Yes, you have to love and accept your body first and foremost. There is no denying that. However, health comes before everything, be it aesthetics or constructs. Weight gain can lead to many different medical problems. If your weight gain is extensive, it becomes a disease itself. It can cause low mobility, arthritis, heart strokes, cancers, breathing issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If exercise and medication do not work out for you, weight loss surgery will be the next possible step.

The following are some of the advantages of Bariatric surgery in the long term:

Remission of Type-2 Diabetes post-Weight Loss Surgery

Reducing weight can make significant changes such as remission of diseases like type-2 diabetes. According to a study posted by WebMD in 2021, in a pool of 400 obese patients, an estimate of 62% showed zero signs of diabetes after weight loss surgery. It also resulted in low blood pressure and cholesterol.

Better Mobility

Even the easiest exercises support the fitness lifestyle. Those who went through this surgery reported more ease of motion. It allows them to be also to do daily chores. Even if going to the gym sounds extreme, walking and exercising becomes common. This is entirely because patients do not feel fatigued carrying around the extra weight. Sitting up does not feel like a chore itself.

Lesser Chances of Heart Related Issues

The more the body weight, the greater stress it puts on the heart to supply blood to your body. Obesity also brings in high cholesterol, which leads to blockages in the arteries—the chances of stroke increase. But when bariatric surgery is performed, the probability of heart failure or stroke reduces exponentially. This results in the guarantee of a longer lifetime.

Happier Lifestyle

Most obese patients are very unsatisfied with their lives. Social stigmas and biases restrict them. They are picked on and bullied at some point in their lives. Comments like “morbidly obese” and “lazy” lessen their self-esteem along the way. Since people around them fail to understand their struggles, patients keep to themselves. After the weight loss surgery, they are better able to adapt to a quality lifestyle. They can move around easily and become more confident in themselves.

Sleep Apnea post-Weight Loss Surgery

Weight issues can cause disruptive sleeping patterns. It can also cause sleep apnea, wherein breathing repeatedly stops. This can cause serious health issues and an increased possibility of death mid-sleep. After weight loss surgery, low accounts of sleep apnea are reported. Around 80% of the patients see a remission of sleep apnea.

Relief from Joint Pains

Excessive weight can put a tremendous amount of stress on your joints, especially your knees. This results in early deterioration of tendons, muscles and joints. The pain caused by them becomes unbearable over time. After weight loss surgery, many patients were able to go without pain relief medication for joint pain.

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