Email marketing is the most primitive and easy to earn ROI tool of marketing. There are many design suggestions for an amazing email that you can incorporate to make an amazing email. Despite of creating an amazing email, we see marketers do not get whatever they are expecting. Studies indicate that 60% of email marketers get high return but what about those 40%?

There must be some reason why your promotional email is not performing that well.

Do not worry!

SEOCalling is here to make you figure out some common mistakes that are usually committed by email marketers.

Are you mailing from your personal account?

While managing the email marketing headache, marketers tend to opt for no cost options for sending emails. They send mails from their own personal Gmail account. The professional email marketers charge a certain amount like Mailchimp with free or cheap seo services as well. These professional email marketers are a professional way to send email to prospects. These providers know all the ins and outs of email deliverability. That means chances are the email reach to recipients’ inbox and not in spam folder.

Did you take permission?

It is quite frustrating for email recipients to have invasion in their inbox by some marketer. The best way to expand and create an effective subscriber list is through double opt in protocol. This protocol requires subscriber to both request the access to your email list and then make request. Studies suggests that double opted subscribers have 75.6% increase in email opening rate than single opt recipient.

Sending an email at bad address

Even if you use a reputable email service provider, sending email at bad address cannot generate any good result. The drawback is, if you are charged according to numbers of the list then unnecessarily you are paying more money. The most crucial drawback is sending too many emails on inactive email address increases the risk of your accounts getting blacklisted by major email provider inclusive of Google and Yahoo.

You have oversold your messages

The content of email marketing definitely should be captivating and breakthrough but still they should not give expectation that cannot be fulfilled. If the content does not satisfy the expectation of the users, then they may get disappointed and discouraged to come back to your email again.

You are not using the Email list segment

Subscribers are different according to their particular taste, preference and segments. But sending similar type of content to all the different people in the subscriber list cannot yield better result. Studies indicate that well segmented email campaigns provide better results as compared to non-segmented ones. If you want to know how to create a perfect welcome email for particular segments then read this blog post.

Too many or no call to action

It should always be emphasized that each mail should guide recipients towards action that can give value to your organization. The action can be downloading report to clicking on coupon code link. Sometimes marketers forget to add call to action or sometimes they use too many of them, in both of the cases, it is too problematic for the users.

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