Retail Displays can be anything that promotes or advertises your product.  It is a visual merchandising strategy to sell more products. The core objective is to attract more customers that eventually end up with lots of sales. Displays can be seen in almost every retail shop. Anyone who deals in retail must have some displays.

Effective retail displays attract more buyers. The reason can either be the product arrangement, color combination of product, and display-shelve. Stock arrangement in visual merchandising does have a huge impact on customers’ sight which eventually leads to the buying decision.

Good visual merchandising reflects your overall brand. Theme display is a cool and potentially great way to sell more products. This is also known as the term segregated display. By utilizing light and playing to customers patterns you can have boosted sales.

We would be discussing five must retail displays that are the best available in the market.

Slat Walls

Slat walls are quite popular in the retail industry due to their astonishing benefits. Slatwall Panels offer popup displays with shelving and hooks. These display fixtures can mount onto the walls and clear up more space on the floor. Its composition involves different  Reconfigurable panels. Salt wall displays work quite well for smaller areas such as windows.


Fashion mannequins are quite useful and popular in the clothing industry. These are commonly being used for over a decade now. Dummies are made in both genders. Such displays are used to capture more audiences’ attention. Mannequins are made for various sizes with the composition of fiberglass which also makes them solid and lightweight. Attractive displays create a positive first impression on the shoppers. Mannequins are used to make customers mood to buy clothing/apparel.

Pegboards Displays

The pegboard is a display composed of a perforated slab. It is commonly made out of compressed wood fiber and resin containing rows of evenly spaced holes. The purpose of these holes is to attach hooks, bins, shelves, and other accessories. Mostly pegboard displays are being used by apparel stores due to their small size. Such displays are highly adjustable and allow an aesthetically pleasing product view.

The purpose of pegboard display is to showcase products with smaller sizes such as stationery, jewelry, and cellular accessories.

Grid Walls

The grid wall display is a fixture that is a popular choice of retailers. This display offers more floor space and can easily mount onto the wall. The wall mount racks are easy to install and are quite adjustable.

Retail stores can take advantage of the grid wall displays as hangers and hooks allow them to quickly update or relocate their merchandise with minimal efforts such as purses, jewelry, hats, belts, or sunglasses.

Table Displays

Table displays that have a flat surface as a normal table in our daily life use. These tables can be one surfaced or be tiered. Table displays indicate being made out of wood but such displays can be made of different synthetic materials. Such hybrid construction improves the built quality and makes them long-lasting.

Most of the time these are placed near the entrance of the outlet to display miniature crafts or some other small items.

Other examples include clothing displays.

Point of Purchase Displays

POP or Point of Purchase Displays are some of the most often used displays in any retail industry. These are commonly placed in high-traffic areas such as next to the cash register or the doors so that at the time of payment the stuff displayed there can easily be accessible to the customer and raise the chance of impulsive buying. This strategy puts the product in the spotlight and seeks the customers’ attention, which is indispensable for retailers with similar products.

Retail shops use POP displays for items that are mostly likable by children such as candies, chocolate, and other edible items.


Retail displays save you a lot of effort and time to sell your merchandise. A recent study shows that with eye-catching retail displays customers are willing to pay up to 50% more for products if they are displayed on sophisticated Racks.


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