Whether you’re looking to build a solid future or you’re trying to correct poor financial habits of the past, the search will lead you to the same person: a Fresno financial consultant. A skilled financial consultant will help you understand your overall financial health and lead you down the right path to accomplishing specific goals. Below we explain six services a financial consultant can offer you.

6 Servies a Fresno Financial Consultant Can Do for You

1. Plan for Your Retirement

After you retire, you’ll have two, three, or even four decades left of your life. You’ll need to have enough saved to live comfortably during these years, but data shows that people save only about half of what they should be for retirement. A financial advisor will help you build the wealth you need to require and explain what you’ll need to fund the lifestyle you want later in life.

2. Pay Back Debt

The average person in California lives with over $73,000 of debt, according to Business Insider. Paying back such a large amount of debt can seem overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin. A Fresno financial advisor will understand California’s laws and use them to your advantage, helping your pay back your debt faster and make the most of your income.

3. Divide Your Estate

As you conclude your working years, you may be wondering what you will do with all of your assets. Your Fresno financial consultant can help you make a will and get term life insurance. If you have a more complicated situation, look for a financial advisor with estate planning experience.

4. Invest Wisely

Despite your belief that you know how to invest properly, you likely fall into the 90% of people who lose money when they invest. Most investors lose money in the stock market because they assume they’re in that other 10%. If you have your heart set on investing, it’s wise to work with a financial advisor. Advisors have years of experience and often have a whole team to guide your investments.

5. Account for the Expected… and the Unexpected

Certain periods of your life will bring certain costs with them. For instance, early adulthood often comes with student debt repayment and mortgages. Later in life, you’ll likely face higher annual health costs. A financial advisor has experience working with clients from all walks of life and can give you an idea of what expected and unexpected expenses may come your way.

6. Plan Your Taxes

How confident do you feel about filing your taxes? You may be like most Americans who say they do not feel confident when tax season comes around. A financial advisor can help you plan your taxes, from explaining how charitable donations affect your finances to helping you utilize tax breaks. When all’s said and done, you may save thousands a year.

Save yourself from financial blunders when you team up with a trusted financial consultant. With financial stability, you can have confidence that you’ll live comfortably for years to come, whether you’re looking to plan for your retirement or pay back debt.