Did you know that almost three-quarters of American adults own a grill? A barbecue is a great way to gather with your family and friends, and the variety of foods you can grill is practically endless.

Have you ever wondered about changing up your backyard grill recipes so that you do not get bored of eating the same thing? Here are some ideas for your next backyard grill BBQ with guests.

1. Classic Hamburgers

When you think of backyard grill ideas, no doubt the first thing that pops into your head is a juicy hamburger. You can buy pre-made hamburger patties from the store, fresh or frozen, or even make them yourself.

Fresh hamburger patties cook pretty quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on the grill so they do not burn. However, if you want to cook frozen patties, you can put them on the barbecue straight from the freezer, but they need to cook much longer.

Hamburgers come in a variety of different meats besides the classic beef burger. For a healthier alternative, try a turkey burger. You can also pick up bison or even vegetarian and vegan hamburgers as well.

While your burgers cook, prepare your toppings. Any type of cheese makes for a delicious cheeseburger, but cheddar and cheddar jack tend to be popular options. You should also include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and condiments.

Make sure to pick up some hamburger buns when you buy your ground patties. You can get white bread or whole wheat. For carb-conscious burger lovers, try a lettuce wrap or eating the patty standalone with all the toppings.

2. Kebabs Galore

Kebabs are an essential part of any backyard grill menu. They are easily customizable and you can throw together many different ingredients to create your perfect flavor combination.

Some of the most popular choices for protein on kebabs include chicken, beef, and steak. You can even crisp up some tofu and stick it on the kebabs if you want a good meat-free option.

After you choose your proteins, you can then combine your other kebab components. Virtually any vegetable you can place on a kebab skewer wll do the job. Be mindful of cooking time so all the elements cook evenly.

You can even add a citrus fruit like pineapple for a unique twist on your kebab. These go wonderfully with many different types of meat.

3. Hotdogs and Bratwursts

What is more all-American for a backyard grill BBQ than the classic hotdog? You do not have to wait to go to the baseball game to enjoy a good hot dog. You can make as many as you want on your backyard grilling station.

Hot dogs mainly come in beef form, but you can also purchase turkey, chicken, or plant-based dogs. Because of their oblong shape, they are easy to fit on the grill and rotate as needed.

Bratwursts are similar to hotdogs, but they are more thick and nutrient-dense. However, they grill up easily and go great with a bun and traditional hotdog toppings.

4. Steak, Steak, Steak

Whether you opt to grill yourself or you use catering services, steak is a barbecue classic that everyone enjoys. You can get different cuts of steak so that all of your guests have an option that caters to their taste.

One of the most universally popular types of steak is the ribeye. It is easy to grill and also has ideal marbling. Ribeye steak is available in both bone-in or boneless varieties.

For budget grillers, sirloin is a solid option if you want steak without breaking the bank. It is less tender than other types of steaks, but it makes up for that in its superior flavor. You should grill it quickly so that it does not overcook.

If you want to get extra fancy at your backyard grilling station, try some filet mignon. Although it can get pricy, many argue that the expense is worth it for the superior flavor and tenderness it offers.

5. Don’t Forget the Veggies

You do not have to just stick to meat for your backyard grill menu. Grilled vegetables offer a unique smoky flavor that is hard to beat and will go great with your main protein.

If you like kebabs, you can add in all of the vegetables you want with the meat and skewers. However, you can also grill vegetables standalone to impart their own delicious flavor.

For the best backyard grill experience, put some cobs of corn on tha you can serve as sides. They taste delicious when slathered in butter to impart the rich flavor. You can also add elote seasoning for a Mexican spin on this treat.

6. Fish and Seafood

While it may seem simple to cook chicken and beef on the backyard grill BBQ, fish and seafood are also great options if you want something lighter. If you live in a city with fresh seafood available, you can even make surf and turf a regular part of your grill rotation.

Salmon is a wonderful protein to grill. Make sure that your grill surface is smoking hot before putting the salmon skin-side down first.

For a more hands-on protein, you can try shrimp as well. Try combining fish with scales and shellfish for a classic seafood boil. Lobster tails on the grill produce an unbeatable and unique experience.

Spice Up Your Backyard Grill Usage Today

Whether you are new to a backyard grill or you simply want to use it more, you should not have to feel bored by cooking the same recipes. With these ideas, you can diversify your backyard grilling station and have delicious variety every time you break out the barbecue. Want to learn more about ways that you can make your spring and summer unforgettable when the weather is best? Check out our site for more ideas that you can use to change your menu options.